Wednesdays. I can’t decide if I loathe them or if I’m indecisive about them. They are in the middle of the week, which means, the week is almost over BUT you still have a couple days left. This week of healthy eating has been going well. Chicken and asparagus. So delicious! :] Now my teeth are flossed and brushed, and I’m ready to hit the hay.

I was just sitting here looking at stuff on teeth, and I see how potentially gross and mangled teeth can be and I wonder, why do people even let their teeth get that way. I love brushing my teeth, and I’m becoming more accustomed to flossing once a day. I was more of a few times a week, if that, kind of flosser. It takes 21 days/3 weeks for something to become a habit. I’m really working on making this flossing bit a habit. No need to have gum disease or worse, heart disease. I remember my mom going through gum surgery and I do not want that. I have pretty straight teeth. However, going to the dentist would be a really good idea because my wisdom teeth will probably have to be pulled soon or soon-ish. I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in my desk, so I should probably add floss to that. Oh and I’m also going to become a sunscreen wearer. Running in the sun (not that there was any today) is going to give me leathery skin. I already try to take very good care of my face and hair (and teeth) so now I need to add my skin to this list.

Words of Wisdom for Wednesday: Take care of your teeth (your smile is everything) and wear sunscreen (thanks Baz Lehrman – probably spelled wrong).


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