Bucket O’Knowledge

Sometimes when I’m at work or talking to anyone for that matter, I feel as though I am a walking “bucket o’ knowledge.” I do find that this is great, I love being able to spout off facts and just make people think about things. Yet, sometimes, I wonder if people think I’m crazy or a know it all. Its just how I am. I know that I’m intelligent, not a genius, but smart enough to read things, retain most of the information, and apply it to everyday life. You might think, well everyone can do that. Well, that’s true, but I can spout information about so many different things. Some things that I have never experienced, but that I’ve read so much on. I don’t really know how important this knowledge is for me, or if anyone even actually cares about it. But for now, I really enjoy being a walking bucket o’ knowledge. Of course I have the history/geography knowledge down (I was a history major after all) but I even have random science, medical, music, sports etc. knowledge. Sometimes words come out of my mouth and I even think, “how do you know this? Will they even believe you? Are you sure? Why would anyone care?” Then I realize, I don’t care what people think of me and so be it if I’m more intelligent than you or if I’m able to show it. Everyone should share the knowledge they have for the good of the people around them.


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