Tired Tuesday

San Diego really needs to get its act together. What do I mean by that? This weather has to stop shifting. All these changes from warm to hot to cold to warm and back is causing my body to react and respond in a very negative way. I was up half the night last night because of an itchy throat. It is the worst feeling in the world. Not only is that one thing that has been causing my sleep to be totally out of whack, but also the fact that I haven’t been exercising. I haven’t been gaining any weight (or I hope I haven’t been) but I really need to start running again. It makes me sleep better, it makes my week better, and overall, it is just so good for me.

I was reading over the C25k program (Couch to 5k) and I would love to do something like that in hopes to increase my overall physical fitness and physical abilities, but I’m afraid that I am a little too advanced for the way it starts. Although, I suppose, it would not hurt me to start a little bit lower and work my way up. I just want to get back to being healthy and thin and happy again. I love it so much and it is so hard to choose between having a fun lunch with Chris or having a tough, fitness induced lunch alone. However, I think fitness will have to make a come back.

I also want to start doing yoga to try and really stretch my muscles and be more lean. My hips are always so tight and tense; I’d really like to make them looser and more comfortable.

My new goals:
1. Run at least 3 times a week.
2. Walk twice a day for 15 minutes each (break 1 and 2).
3. Yoga


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