Things that make me mad

Apparently, this is one thing that really gets my goat. Lame phrase, but definitely how I feel on a certain subject.

I am not a prude, and what other people do in their own homes is none of my business. Yet, some things still upset me so much that I have to rant it out, a lot. People can tell me that I am old-fashioned, or that I can’t possibly be a girl my age and feel this way.

There is a reason that in the United States there are so many teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies in general, abortions, etc. I am not socially inept and therefore I also know there are truths and although this is my opinion, you have to ponder and realize, it does make sense. We all know that girls generally go through puberty first (usually before high school, around junior high, or slightly earlier) and that boys go through it later (during junior high and high school) and I also think they take longer to get through it, but it is beyond that. Out society tells girls and boys, yes they are still girls and boys, especially if they are 15, that it is okay to “feel good” and “enjoy pleasure.” There are things that can make you feel good and are pleasurable and don’t involve sex. This is not about abstinence, this is about making people realize that every action you take has a consequence. Some negative, others are positive, but we all face consequences. Example of something that someone has said, “well I’ve paid for plenty of abortions, I just don’t want children.” Which, look, if you don’t want children, that is fine, however, are you proud of continually enjoying this pleasurable act and having to decide with a woman to have an abortion? And then you tell me, “well her 15-year-old boyfriend might want it from her,” which yes, I am sure might be true. We teach our boys that you can have as much sex as you want because it feels good and there is no responsibility. If a girl gets pregnant it is her fault; she should be on the pill, she should be making sure to not get pregnant. It takes TWO people to make a baby. Therefore, sex, whether you do it for a pleasure reason all the time, you do it on occasion, or you rarely do it, it is more than just an act. It is procreation. It is not okay to tell boys, you can have sex because it feels good, and leave a girl to do one of three things: 1) have a baby and be a teen mom, 2) have a baby and give it up for adoption, or 3) have an abortion. But remember, it is her fault.

Do you wonder why girls are pregnant so often? Do you wonder why boys expect girls to put out? Do you wonder why STDs are rampaging our world? Which brings me to part 2 of this lovely rant.

Do we wonder why there are so many pedophiles in this world? That is because there is this huge focus on looking young, and having the “baby sitter” or the “young girl” to be with. Make her a woman, by having the middle aged man have sex with her. So, if you’re taught or shown that these things are okay, then of course you see the 16-year-old girl who looks like she is 20, you want that. It is understandable. It is not right. A 16-year-old girl may physically look as though she is an adult and should be having an adult sexual relationship, with a 16-year-old or a 50-year-old. It is wrong. Yet, TV and movies and magazines put so much focus on being a little girl, and being cute, yet sexy; young, but mature; a girl, but making her a woman. It is so frustrating. Yet, we ask ourselves, this is so absurd. Not it is not. Just open your eyes. It is clear.


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