Curtain Closing

It is Friday night.
The weekend has begun.
I’m in my satin-y nightie.
I’m freshly showered.
My make up is off
and my skin is soft.
My music is playing,
ever so low and sweet.
And now it is time that
my dreams and I meet.

I just wrote that on the spot, it probably isn’t that great; it came to me while listening to Adele. I’m really feeling my Sara Bareilles Pandora station. I really need, yes, need her new CD; as well as Adele’s new CD. I’m ever so relaxed right now. There is nothing like wearing a soft and clean nightgown and being fresh out of the shower. It is just warm enough in my apartment, and my music is just so perfect.

I’ve had a tough Friday, and can’t wait to relax and do nothing this weekend. Oh, did I mention I bought this new laptop today. I really like it. It is pretty and now I have one that I can use ANYWHERE. However, now I’m going to be a slave to my laptop again; awesome.

Good night moon.


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