Welcome to This World

Hannah Margaret Christensen was born yesterday. Congratulations Kevin and Megan!
It is amazing to think of how this world works. There really is a time for everything in life. Yes, there is sadness when a loved one dies and the grief that goes with it. Yet, there is also the happiness and the joy in each new life that is born into this world. That is something that can never be taken away. Anyway, everyone is so excited for this new life and all that she will bring to this family.
On a more spiritual note, today was Transfiguration Sunday. A very important part of Christ’s journey to the cross. As if we did not already know, but it is a day that God made special with Moses and Elijah coming down and God shining a great light onto Jesus. God was so pleased with His Son. It is a great experience that all parents, I assume, experience, being delighted in their children. Luckily, thanks to Jesus, we don’t have to go through the pain and suffering for our sins.

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