….something always brings me back to you….

I’ve been toying with meditation and yoga and different relaxation practices for awhile. I really do not know where to begin. I am hoping that it will help me sleep better and get through my day. The exercise is helping, and my eating was okay for awhile, but I really want to cut some thigns out of my diet. I just want to take an overhaul and try again. We all grow up with our parents telling us to eat this, eat that, but do not, I repeat do not eat that and only a little bit of that. I can not tell you what my mom and dad said I could or could not eat. This is really just a brain dump, it is a Monday after all. My coworkers and I toyed with growing wheatgrass and drinking shakes of it, together, as to not have to deal with the potential grotesque-ness (my new word, thanks I’m glad you like it) of drinking grass. Apparently, it helps flush out the nasty toxins that make you have B.O. I do not sweat profusely, but I tried to give up regular deodorant to help prevent cancer (you know, aluminum being bad for you, clogging your glands, and potentially causing cancer) but it did two things: 1) Yeah, I sweat like a whore in church and 2) I got a rash. The rash is slowly going away now that I’ve gone back to my regular deodorant. I’ll try again when the rash heals. It could be the scent, I could try unscented.

I’ve thought about what it must be like to be an organic eating, water drinking, super active, wheat grass shooting, non coffee addicted person. Oh yes, also adding yoga and meditation to that as well. For starters, they’d definitely not be me. I am slowly losing my addiction to caffeine (praise Jesus, no seriously, its a life saver). I love me some coffee, and I’d like to drink large amounts of it daily, BUT if I miss it because I’m too lazy to make it and too cheap to buy it, I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, get a migraine. I had a mild twinge of a headache, but with enough water in my body, the hydration prevents anything more. So I guzzle my tea, with its lower caffeine count, and cross my fingers that I can keep the pain at bay.

This blog has helped with the relaxation. I really just type up all I want and say all I need to say and find important. And on a beautiful note, I love my Sara Bareilles pandora radio station.


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