All Dogs Go to Heaven

It really breaks my heart to see dogs that have owners who mistreat them. It is so sad. My family’s first dog, Casper, was from the pound. He was an American Eskimo dog. The only men he ever let near him was my dad and my grandfather; we safely assume that his previous owner was a male who most likely beat him. Other than having a strong dislike for me, he was the best dog ever.

That’s Casper helping me hunt for Easter eggs a long time ago. He really was the best dog ever.

Anyway, I remember when we had to put him down. November of 8th grade. It was hard, but he is in a better place. Yes, I believe that animals have souls; especially dogs. Trust me, if you have ever met Casper, or Lucie, or Ricky, you definitely know that they do.
This is a short post, but please don’t abuse your animals. If it turns out you’re not an animal person, find a home for them. When Chris and I buy a house someday, we want a small house with a big yard for lots of dogs. They really are man’s best friend. Be nice to them, and they’ll be nice to you.

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