My Top Workout Songs

I was going steady and quick on the elliptical today and doing my intervals, and it dawned on me that I do have a workout playlist go to. These are the songs that really, truly get me pumped and push me through my workout:
“Hive” by 311
“Till I Collaspe” by Eminem
“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot
“Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry
“Dirt Road Anthem” by Jason Aldean
“Neverending Summer” by 311
“Circus” by Britney Spears
“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
“Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine
“We R Who We R” by Ke$ha
“Ego” by The Saturdays
“Barracuda” by Heart
That’s really all I can think of at the moment. Usually on my intervals I pump up the 311, it works wonders but the two in this list are my faves. I always save them for the end.

Reasons Why I Love San Diego

Here is a list of the reasons why I love San Diego.
1. I love wearing cardigans. Usually, year round, it cools off at night for them. I hate jackets, and I love sandals, so it is the best combination for me.
2. I love Mexican food, and I love Old Town. Well, they also have a place in Old Town serving amazing Irish food, but I really love Mexican food.
3. I love the beach. I don’t love the sand, but everything else. I love sitting on the beach, reading book, in the sun. I love the smell of sunscreen and the sea breeze. Not to mention, how many places can you really go sit on the beach in the winter? Yep, if it isn’t in the tropics.
4. I love Phil’s BBQ. Yum. Delicious. So much food for your money. It feels like you’re in the south, but you’re really in San Diego. And clearly it is good if people are willing to wait over 90 minutes for food. Yum. By the way, we went there tonight. Excellent.
5. San Diego State University. Cheesy, but I loved going to school there, I’m so glad I made the decision to move here and continue my education away from my family. I learned so much about myself, grew up, and know the value of being independent. And the campus is nothing to sneeze about.
6. San Diego Chargers. Chris made me like football. Now I love it. On Sundays you can find me with my P. Rivers aka “Dolla Dolla Phil” jersey on and a Bud Light in my hand.
Six is a good number for now. 🙂

wash your mouth out with soap, try and keep it clean

If you know me well, you know that curse words don’t just roll off my tongue like they do for most people. In fact, I really have to think about cursing and therefore normally I don’t. It takes more effort. However, this post is not about the mouth of a trucker or a sailor, or of a 24-year-old lady. It is about my eating. I have been trying so hard to eat well. I’ve been writing down what I eat, not for the purpose of counting calories (okay, maybe a little bit, because I really want to know), but I want to know what’s going in. What makes me feel full, what doesn’t. What do I enjoy, what is ho hum.

With all that being said, I’m really trying to eat more real food. By real, I mean, it doesn’t come in a box. I’ve done okay. Clearly it isn’t a cold turkey situation. I’ve been eating lots of fruit and veggies, and trying my best to make sure dinners are healthy and feature less preservatives. I hate milk, I only use it for cereal, so I bought some almond milk and I’ll see how that goes. I’m thinking some kind of smoothie tomorrow for breakfast, if it happens I’ll tell you about it. Although it would have to include strawberries, bananas, almond milk, and spinach. I don’t have anything else for it. Oh well, we shall see.

I’m also thinking the almond milk will taste great in my coffee. We shall see. Soymilk is only okay, but I’m really hoping this almond milk will suffice. No photos, I know, which makes for a boring post. Sorry. Well, here is an adorable photo of my cousin Hannah to end with:

Oh and by the way, check out my sister’s blog. She’s not going to be able to update all the time, but while she works at Shoshone Base Camp, part of Lutherhaven, in Idaho, you’ll see tons of neat stuff.

I guess I have to

I really wanted to blog but now I feel too lazy, and I am actually pretty tired. I’ve been expanding my blog reading abilities. I’ve moved from the girly fashion ones, and the funny this is my crazy/silly/abnormal/fill in the blank life ones and now am looking at fitness blogs. I am definitely on the fence on how I feel about fitness aspects. When I lost weight before I definitely didn’t have the most tone that a person could really want. I did watch my eating and did lots of running and walking and light strength training. I lost it pretty quickly and I was happy. In Maryland, I gained weight, but under Chris’s expertise I should lift heavy weights. I’ve ready that lifting any weights is good but I did not think that heavy weights was the way to go. I’ve been really looking at different blogs on what is good and what isn’t. I think it is a personal preference. Although, Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred has really buffed up my arms, but that’s it. That’s really all I have to say. I’m sleepy.

Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

I live in California. You might have certain ideas about California and people from California (whether you live here or not). I wrote a paper in college on how the Beach Boys (as much as I love them) created this false image of California. By the way, Brian Wilson was deathly afraid of the ocean, so how much surfing do you think he did? However, that’s neither here nor there. Also, you could consider us a large liberal state (I live in the state, and I am not significantly liberal). That might be true, we tend to vote blue and I’m really not a fan of a donkey, but once again, neither here nor there.

I love California; for the most part. I lived in Maryland for a year, and although it had its perks, I am a California girl at heart.

Here are two things that I did not grow up with, but one could argue are the best things about Maryland: in the fall, the leaves change colors:

Others might argue that having snow in the winter, whether a lot or a little, makes Maryland the preferred state:

I however, much prefer this version of California: (Carlsbad, Northern San Diego County)

Anyway, this post does not really have anything to do with these photos. If you’ve been watching the news, although it is hard to get past all the terrible storms, the Supreme Court told California that they have release 33,000 inmates. I am a firm believer, in you do the crime, you do the time. I also am a death penalty supporter. I know that seems callous, but I believe in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for an eye, and tooth for tooth.'” – Matthew 5:38

Anyway, back to where I was headed. My coworkers and I were having a discussion on this topic. How are they going to decide what inmates to release? Violent criminals? No. Drug related offenses? Only if it was marijuana. Fraud, embezzlement, identity theft? Definitely not, they ruined people’s lives. Rapists, child molesters, sex offenders? No, maybe, yes, no. It really is not going to be that easy. Now here is my opinion on the issue with the California prison system.

1. We are a HUGE state. Of course we will have more crime and more criminals; it is how it will work. You can characterize it to illegal immigrants or not; Hispanics or whites; blacks or Asians. I am not even going to go there. It does not matter. Clearly we have more of it all. That’s all there is to it.

2. With all these people, or criminals as they are known, they do some particular crime. Let’s being with possession with intent to sell cocaine. Maybe you only had a small amount, but enough to show you were dealing. Perhaps you’re not a drug addict. Maybe you are. For now, we punish you, you’re put in jail, but it is a felony, so you are in jail and you parole. You don’t get in trouble, you lay low, and you’re out on parole. Well, since California does not REHABILITATE its prisoners, you might still be a drug addict, or you might not have proper skills because you were only in the system so long and can’t find a job. Say it’s been a few years and you decide, I need a gun for protection. Well, you’re a felon, that’s not really an option, you break parole and they bust you for felon in possession. Well, now you’re stuck. Depending on any other mitigating factors, maybe you have 3 strikes and now you’re in prison for a determinate amount of time, maybe for your life. Realistically, you’re not a violent criminal. You had the gun, you didn’t use it, that anyone knows of. So, we can’t let you go, or can we?

3. We’re overcrowded and we don’t rehabilitate people? Great, what else is the problem. Look, I am not a sympathizer to any criminal, BUT we put some of them in positions to fail and end up back in jail. It might not be their “direct” fault, but it is still so unfortunate. So Jim molests his neighbor’s daughter. Wrong, very, very wrong. It happens once, and never again. He goes to prison. Since it only happened once, he is paroled; no rehabilitation, but as a parolee he has responsibilities. To register as a sex offender, he can not live or work so many miles from a school, and his work has to be so far from work when he first paroles and is on probation. Okay, great. Jim finds a job, not the greatest, but one that is willing to look past his sketchy decisions from before. He registers as a sex offender each year. He tries to find a home (he began living with his mom and then moved on his own once he found a job). Mom lived by work, but nowhere near a school, but he could only stay for so long. Ok, he is ready. Well, he tries to find an apartment; nope too many kids in the building. Down the street is an elementary school. He tries, so what does he do? He lives 5 miles over the distance from work he is allowed. He doesn’t know if he should ask for special permission. He then violates his parole/probation and ends up back in prison. Now, did he really, truly do anything wrong this time? Some say yes, some say no. I say both. Yes, he should have spoken with his probation officer or someone, but, sometimes, as we know with any job, they are no help. He was stuck. Should he be let go? I say yes. My coworkers say no.

4. Remember when that one woman from the “Manson Family” asked for clemency because she was dying of brain cancer and was denied? How about others in a similar position? Say they did not do quite what she did and the rest did, but they shot someone. I say no they should not be let out, but I know there are people who would say, oh they are just going to die, who cares? What if they don’t and they are young (this woman was old) and they continue to do such bad things? I still say no.

5. Another kind of inmate. You were convicted of a DUI and gross involuntary vehicular manslaughter. You did not purposely kill someone; you made a poor choice (having one too many drinks), and you hit someone. Yes, wrong, but not the same as choosing to shoot someone. Say you’re serving a 15 year sentence of some sort and maybe it is determinate, maybe it isn’t, and you could be let out on good behavior. If it is determinate, and you’ve served 13 of the 15 with no risk to society, should they be let out? I think probably, more so than a truly violent criminal. And if you have an indeterminate sentence, and you could be paroled after 10 of the 15, and its been 8 years. I still think you’re a better candidate than a violent criminal. However, the options have to be weighed as they would be for any parole considerations.

I believe they have 2 years to figure it out. That’s really not that long. I’m not sure, I just think I’m going to lock my doors and hope for the best. I hope that they are able to make the best choices. I know they’ll have to be fair, but focus on the safety of those who they will be moving into the neighborhoods of. And maybe we wouldn’t have these problems if we properly rehabilitated our parolees. Maybe we’d have less 3 strike inmates and less death row inmates.

My Guilty Pleasures…

Since today is a Monday, and I could really use some guilty pleasures, here is my list. I am not sure how many items will be on this list, but please enjoy.
1. Real Housewives of… Orange County, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills. Only those 3. And in that order. I could watch them all day, everyday. I know that I have definitely watched plenty of marathons.
2. Disney movies. I wish my dad had let me bring my VHS collection to San Diego. I know that they are classics or vintage and probably worth a large amount of money BUT I wanna watch them!! I guess this should just be Disney, since I love DISNEYLAND!
3. Country music. It is my favorite. I love it. It always makes me happy and smiley. It always puts me in a great mood. And if you didn’t know, they always tell the best stories.
4. Mexican food. It doesn’t have to be authentic, it can be California Mexican, Tex-Mex, or any form of knock off Mexican. It has the best flavors. Spicy, cheesy, gooey, and delicious. I love tacos. And quesadillas, and nachos. Oh, and burritos and enchiladas and tamales. Jalapenos and peppers, delicious. It is just fabulous! My favorite. Oh and chips and salsa!! My go to food when I want something to eat is always Mexican.
5. The beach. Sunshine, the ocean, the most easy napping location, and of course, getting a tan, well, kind of. I’m anti-tanning but my small amount of Mexican in my heritage means I will always tan a bit.
6. Accessories. Sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hats, and purses. I love them all. They are my favorite. For the most part, no matter how much weight you gain or lose, they should always fit. I have a lot and I am always wanting more.
7. Red Velvet Cake and Carrot Cake. The only cake that I really like. They are my favorite. I like pie and I like cookies and brownies, but those are the only cakes that I like. Delicious. Maybe its the cream cheese frosting. I don’t know…
8. Disco and funk music. Another favorite. It always makes me want to get my groove on. I can’t believe I even said get my groove on. That’s a large embarrassment.
We’ll end this list at eight. It is an even number, and I really can not think of anything else.