Reasons Why I Love San Diego

Here is a list of the reasons why I love San Diego.
1. I love wearing cardigans. Usually, year round, it cools off at night for them. I hate jackets, and I love sandals, so it is the best combination for me.
2. I love Mexican food, and I love Old Town. Well, they also have a place in Old Town serving amazing Irish food, but I really love Mexican food.
3. I love the beach. I don’t love the sand, but everything else. I love sitting on the beach, reading book, in the sun. I love the smell of sunscreen and the sea breeze. Not to mention, how many places can you really go sit on the beach in the winter? Yep, if it isn’t in the tropics.
4. I love Phil’s BBQ. Yum. Delicious. So much food for your money. It feels like you’re in the south, but you’re really in San Diego. And clearly it is good if people are willing to wait over 90 minutes for food. Yum. By the way, we went there tonight. Excellent.
5. San Diego State University. Cheesy, but I loved going to school there, I’m so glad I made the decision to move here and continue my education away from my family. I learned so much about myself, grew up, and know the value of being independent. And the campus is nothing to sneeze about.
6. San Diego Chargers. Chris made me like football. Now I love it. On Sundays you can find me with my P. Rivers aka “Dolla Dolla Phil” jersey on and a Bud Light in my hand.
Six is a good number for now. 🙂

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