Things I Really Like and Think I Could Not Live Without (But Probably Could)

I really love this photo of my cousin and her dad, my uncle. I wish there were more days for him to have been with us, but moments like this one are cherished by everyone. I love this photo, definitely a fave.

This was a picture of the sunset at Mission Beach last weekend. I love sunsets on the beach in San Diego. Maybe more to come this weekend. Beautiful.

Reliving my childhood… Spice Girls. :]

Emily Giffin might replace, well, not replace, but join in line of the author who I will eventually end up reading all of their books. I loved Something Borrowed, I’m waiting for Something Blue to be ready for pick up so I’ve begun reading Baby Proof.
Nicholas Sparks
Jodi Picoult
Stephenie Meyer
J. K. Rowling
Emily Giffin
Soon I will be able to cross her off that list.

I need a big floppy hat, ASAP. I can not find one that I really, really like. I like the ones that I saw at H&M (not pictured above – which I should have but I don’t want to edit this post) but I could not find the right color. Ugh. I want one SO BAD.

Why hello there, what could be better than the Backstreet Boys? Or what could be better than New Kids on the Block? Oh, that’s right, THEM JOINING FORCES FOR NOT ONLY A TOUR BUT A CD! Okay, I’m sorry for yelling, but you should see the huge cheesy grin on my face. I love it. Love, love, love it. I had my Danny doll as a kid, which if I hadn’t gotten him at like 4 years old I would have kept for a collector’s item. Oh well. Swoon, NKOTB and BSB together. Big smile.

Fruits and vegetables. Yum, I’ve been getting all my servings, and it feels and tastes good. All we have left are pears. I need more than pears!!

Bruno Mars’ Grenade. I love this song. Chris and I both love it. At first the song is all about being heartbroken, but then he gets angry. It is phenomenal. I love it. He’s kinda cute too, but I have more of an affinity for the above mentioned NKOTB and BSB.

This movie, Titanic, is on TV. I used to have the biggest crush on Leo. My friend from elementary school and I were obsessed. I had this framed photo and my mom stepped on it and broke the glass and my friend and I about went into shock. Anyway, it is on and it definitely makes me think of my childhood; oh and my mom covering my eyes during the sex scene.
Finally, a post with photos. I hope to take a solo adventure tomorrow and maybe have some photos, although I will be busy.
Make stick/post for Relay
Find rings for Flamingo toss at Relay
Pick up some candy for Relay
Clean the house

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