Tie for Favorite Stop on Road Trip

This is our trip from Dallas to Kerrville and San Antonio. If I told you why we had to go to Kerrville, I’d have to kill you BUT this was day one of true, nothingness, middle of nowhere, driving. We had no cell reception, there was nowhere to stop to go to the bathroom, we were fearful that at any moment the GPS would stop working and we’d be stuck at Farm Road 235 and Ranch Road 57.

It was so deserted, Chris did some sit ups in the middle of the road.

American and Texas pride. Two thumbs up for that farm! Could it have been the farm that had coyote corpses hanging from the fence to scare off other coyotes, maybe?

Oh, and in Texas farmland, people drive their tractors on the road.

This sign was in Fredricksburg. As always, I was in a grumpy mood, but this little town made me happy.

A Fair Oaks village without chickens? Unheard of! Obscene! Okay, where I grew up, Fair Oaks Village is known for chickens. I took this in San Antonio to remind me of my roots.

FINALLY! Riverwalk in San Antonio. I want to go back, or move there, or something. It was very beautiful, and so much fun!

We’re so cute.

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