A Time Out from Nostalgia of My Road Trip

And I’m going to tell you about my day.
A relatively uneventful sort of day at work.
I did however get the opportunity to clean my desk. Here it is:

Photos, scanner, phone, and part of my computer.
Photos, phone, my keyboard, computer, mouse and two monitors. We all have two monitors, it extends our screen. So for example I can stretch my email to take up both screens if I so choose OR I can pull up the internet on one side and still see the other side.
That’s Hannah eating her hand looking at you, by the way. She’s the cutest.

More photos, my radio, stapler, notes and calendar. Right now the calendar has a picture of man and woman in the kitchen saying:
“But honey, decision-making is women’s work.”
Yeah, that calendar is a hoot.
As well as the tear off desk one.
It is titled: “Stupid Things Men Say”
Little things give me joy, little things. I’m glad my desk is clean, now for this weekend: CLEAN APARTMENT!!

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