Sometimes you just need to rant a little…

1. Losing weight, being healthy, and having the motivation for the gym is INSANELY difficult.

I’ve lost like 7 lbs, which is totally fabulous, except, it stopped. Not an ounce or anymore. Could I be gaining muscle, of course, but I should still be losing body fat. Anyway, food just keeps getting more and more expensive, making buying healthy food even harder. I really don’t want to go to the gym, or do any exercise. Lazy has been my middle name.

2. Sometimes when I see in magazines, etc. people who say I was at my heaviest at 140 lbs or something less than that. And you appear to be of average height or are average height. I want to look at you and say, boo freaking hoo, heaven forbid you just lack some tone or what not. Until you’ve been significantly overweight and know what it is to have people look at you certain ways, or anything, then you can’t say that you were so heavy. Yes, I understand, that perhaps a healthier weight is less for you, but, be happy that you don’t weight 200 lbs.

3. People irritate me. They drive to slow or too erratic; they stand in the middle of the aisle at the store and don’t move to either side, so have to stand there and wait; and people don’t mind their own business.

4. I hate living in an apartment that does not allow me having a dog. I really want one of these:



5. My hair will not grow. It is kind of stuck at this really crappy in between stage. I want my long California girl waves back.

I guess I don’t have too many rants, like I thought. Oh well. Happy Sunday.

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