Fitness Goals

Okay, it is official. I haven’t lost any poundage, but I’ve lost major inches.
I’m getting my waist back, you know Stella got her groove back and Lindsay’s getting her waist back.
Anyway, its about the time where I kick it into high gear.
That’s right. I’m going to be a running machine (I’m passing 3.5 miles a pop and heading to 5 miles).
I’m going to do 30 lunges (which I hate, more than I hate anything, except for maybe a migraine) each workout, or each day (forward one day, reverse the next, side the next, etc.).
Oh and I’m going to start doing push ups, because, hello, how cool do people look who can do push ups? Yeah, that’s what I thought, they look awesome.
So, here’s my list. Let’s see if I can keep it up.
1. By September 1, run 5 miles straight.
2. 10 push ups a day (increased by 2 each week).
3. 30 lunges a day.
4. Stretch, stretch, stretch.
5. Use the stairmill like I own it. (AKA as getting past the 10 minute mark).
I’m starting somewhat small, but I’m pretty excited.
I finally have the utmost motivation.

I Love Summer, but Its Almost Time…

Yes my dearest friends.
Since the Lockout ended, today was the FIRST day of practice open to the public for the:
San Diego Chargers.

We’re big fans, obviously.
I’m a big fan of Dolla Dolla Phil, commonly known as Philip Rivers.

I love football season for many reasons.
1. You can drink lots of beer, and it is socially acceptable.
2. You can be extra loud and rowdy, and it is socially acceptable.
Here football season is generally warm.
We’ve thought about bringing our TV to the patio in December.
I just really love Chargers football.

I Miss These Guys

These are my siblings:

This is my little sister Danielle.
She is working at a camp in Idaho.
She drives a cute little green car.
She used to be a full-time ice cream scooper and cake maker at Baskin Robbins.
She’s going to school to be a teacher (total copy cat of her big sister!)
I call her one of these (rarely Danielle):
Dani Benz, Dani, Danielly, and other family nicknames.
This is my dog Lucie.
She’s a little old lady.
She does not like to cuddle (although she did cooperate for that photo).
She can’t really see, she can’t really hear, but she’s the best.
My family has had her for almost 14 years, since she was a little puppy.
She follows my mom around like crazy.
She also will not come downstairs or stay downstairs until everyone upstairs is awake and downstairs.
This is my dog Ricky.
He is Lucie’s son.
He and I really love each other, he’s just really bad at showing it.
He likes to bite me and bark at me.
I call them love bites.

He likes to cuddle.
He’s pretty fat, so he gets stuck behind the couch.
He used to be fun and calm, but now he’s just wild and slightly neurotic.
My dad calls him Phil and Dick, as well as Ricky.
He responds to all three.
My family has had him for 10 years.
Yes, my dogs are my siblings.
Yes, I miss them all.
And I will get to see them in September.
One week of time with me, I bet they can’t wait!

Making Old Things New

I love my Ipod.
He looks like this:

I am not an Apple person, but I love my Ipod.
I’ve had other MP3s, but for whatever reason, they just don’t work as well.
However, Apple has somewhat screwed those of us less computer literate and less Apple buying.
I can not add songs from multiple computers.
Meaning, my old, ancient laptop is where my music must come from.
It however takes more than a decade (wait, you didn’t realize I’m now 34???) to add songs.
In fact, it took twice as long to even start.
So what am I doing now you ask?
Taking all my music from my old laptop and moving it to the new one.
Via one very small little thumb drive.
I’m really a special person.
In fact, it is never going to work for me.

I never used to be a TV addict

I used to tease my mom and my sister for needing two DVRs.
Now I understand.
I never thought I really watched television.
Example, the TV is not on right now.
However, I’ve recently compiled my can not miss list and if I miss it, I better be able to see a repeat or watch it online.

And if I had to pick a favorite, “Parenthood” would win, hands down.
The night Chris and I decided to stay up and watch it on a whim was the best decision we ever made.

Do you ever?

Watch a ridiculous movie and actually really like it?
Well I watched this today:

I liked it because my mom’s family is from North Dakota.
If you are not up on your geography, it is right by Minnesota where this movie takes place.
Anyway, it definitely reminds me of them.
Minus the fact that nobody said “Uff da” in the movie.
It made me smile.
Cheesy, yes.
But who doesn’t like cheese, right?


in the world of beauty queens…
and drama queens…
bad hair days…
listening to what mom says…
pretending to be happy…
and working all too hard…
well all just need to pick up our freak flag, and hold it high:
I love this movie.
Please ignore that the movie is not in English.