Not to brag, because I know there are plenty who find this an easy run, but I ran 5 miles again today. Over 5 in 50 mins. I’m slowly quickening my pace. I waver between 9:40 and 10:00 min miles. I could have ran forever. I know its because I had lots of carbs for breakfast. Both times I’ve been able to run that far I had eaten only carbs. My body had plenty of fuel.

I’m trying to really focus on clean eating. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies as it is, so I just want to up it. I’m thinking that this would be what I would eat, or something similar:
coffee (can’t give it up)
hardboiled eggs
salad with lots of veggies
turkey slices
string cheese
baby tomatoes
two veggies
That’s really a lot of food, but I have to fuel myself and not be tempted by the CRAP that my coworkers always have. Chips, cookies, cake, candy, etc. The snack before dinner will change whether I’m going to the gym or not, if I am, it will be less protein, more carbs, like an apple or something. Let’s hope I can manage this.

Find Out Who Your Friends Are?

I have always understood that people will, I think drift is the wrong word, and so is separate, but drift is what I’ll use, drift apart as they get older. It makes perfect sense, some go to college; others don’t. Some get married young and start families; others work. I just never understood why am I always the person who has to make these friendships work? Were you actually my friend, or did you think you couldn’t shake me? After everything I’ve ever done, you barely can manage a “Happy Birthday” message on facebook, yet you can’t call; send a card, even a text message? Are you so self absorbed that nobody matters but you? Does it ever cross your mind what I might be up to? When my grandmother died, did you even think to ask me how I was doing? If I was okay, did I need anyone, even just someone to cry to? If I was upset over something could I even call you to vent, email you, anything? You always say, “we should catch up,” “we should hang out,” etc., but then you never follow through. I know we all have our lives, and I know we can’t chat constantly like high school and college allowed us, but just because I live miles from you, doesn’t mean I still don’t need a friend. What did I ever do to you? Why did you even “pretend” if that’s what it was? I don’t know what hurts more, to think that someone was pretending because they felt sorry for me or that someone could just give up on a friendship. I don’t even know if I have friends anymore. If I have a bad day I call my mom. I don’t even think to call a friend. Thankfully, my sister is back from camp, so I can call her, but how sad is it that I have no friends. Just family. Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but I sit here and think, wow it would be great to have a friend again. I think, sometimes, that my sister’s friends would help me before my own would. I’m going to my hometown next month, and I’m excited for the week off and some relaxation, but I can’t even say I’m going to see my friends. They want me to try, but it doesn’t ever seem worth it. I’d rather hang out with my parents. Maybe I am no fun, maybe it is no surprise. I don’t really know. All I know is that I want more than just a boyfriend and a family (who doesn’t even live near me!).

Is It Bad…

That I only drink water and coffee?
Is that totally weird?
Occasionally I have tea, and on Saturdays, I have a soda, yeah seriously, one.
I’m just feeling like I’m the only one.
Kinda like Dierks Bentley in:
Anyway, today is my day off from the gym.
I noticed yesterday, while working on my “lats” that they look pretty good in the mirror.
That’s good. I think.
I did the Step Mill along with my treadmill and some walking.
It felt good, I hope it works other parts of my legs.
Sometimes, I think I have to lay off the running.
If I crosstrain a little bit, I am thinking that I will be less likely to injure myself.
I’m feeling kind of brave, so I’m thinking I’m going to post two photos.
One from the end of June and one from now of me in my bathing suit.
I hope there is some change.
On the left is June, the right is now.
I think I’m looking better.


I just finished reading this book (it did not even make it to the “Bookmarks” page).

It was a really quick read. It was pretty short, and very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and whether someone believes it or not, it really brings all these positive things into your mind. If you haven’t read it and want to, maybe you shouldn’t read the rest of this, but if you plan on reading it, I know that you probably already know what it is about.
First and foremost, I love the idea of the little sister that was miscarried before Colton (the little boy) was born. She does not have a name, but he met her on his very short trip to heaven. I like to think that when I go to heaven, and when my parents are there, that we will meet “Nicholas” and we will know him without even questioning it. It will be so exciting to meet him. As much as I would have loved to have him here with us, I think being in heaven is a better place for him. Had he lived on this earth, he would have had a very difficult time. Nobody knows for sure how handicapped he could have been, but God and Jesus are better buddies than anyone here would have been. I can not even begin to imagine what he would look like, but thinking about this makes me so excited to meet him.
Second, I can not wait to see Grandma Pat again and Grandma Mo and Grandpa Gerry, and Uncle Bob, and everyone in the family who I haven’t met before. I hope that Casper is hanging out with them and being the good dog that he always was.
Three, I can not even imagine the fight that will go down when Satan is finally sent to hell. I never would have thought that he was hanging around, but he is. That’s why we all struggle so much with sin. I would not have ever thought about it, until I read this book, that he isn’t in hell yet. Realistically, hell does not exist yet. I think, I’m not really sure.
Read this book. It is great. If you believe it, awesome, if you don’t, I’m sorry.

My Favorite Healthy Things

These are some of my favorite healthy things and why I love them.

I love running. It is my favorite workout. Its so hard on my joints, but it is my absolute favorite. I love running on the treadmill and outside, but my allergies have made outside running more and more difficult. So, indoors it is. Anyone can run. And you don’t have to run fast. Just run.

I’d be lying if I told you I only drink water BUT I mostly drink water. Especially during the week. During the week it is coffee in the morning and water. That’s it. I don’t need any other beverages. I’ve given up my diet soda habit, and I only treat myself to soda on the weekends. I like my water super cold, and I ALWAYS have some with me.

I love carrots. Baby carrots are so portable and easy to snack on. The crunch replaces chips and crackers. I like them plain, personally, but they are good with hummus or ranch dressing (in moderation).

I love spinach. It is excellent in salads, I kind of even like eating it plain. I’m very strange.

There’s nothing better than a crunchy, crispy apple. Red Delicious and Pink Lady apples are my favorite, but I will eat any.

These are my favorite berries. I love all berries, but I could eat that whole container. I try to hold back, but I love eating them. Delicious!
heirloom tomatoes

I love tomatoes, and if I had to pick a favorite, it would be heirloom. I know that the odd colors make them look strange, but they are DELICIOUS. And since they come in so many colors they really make salads and things look so lovely.
These are my favorite healthy things, I usually eat, drink, or do these things everyday.

Crazy Guys

I’ve started watching “Mad Men” from Season 1.
I love the look of the television show.
The 1960s were such a unique time in history.
I love the fashion; I am a modern girl, but I don’t mind women being moms and enjoying it.
I’m not a fan of all the smoking, drinking, and men cheating on their wives.
I do know that this is what life was like.
I wish I had a time machine, so I could experience it myself.