You Could Never Offend, Your Dirty Words Come Out Clean

I’m definitely not the neatest person ever. As I’ve grown older and have my own place, sometimes, I decide that I do want my place to look neater. I can’t imagine if someone came over right now how embarrassed I would be. Granted, Chris and I have no storage so the broom and vacuum are in the dining room, it is terrible. As boring and horrendous as it seems, this three day weekend will be spent cleaning and purging.
As you can see, I’m not always messy. My desk at work may not be this neat right now, but it is much more neat than my apartment. Desk can be seen here, in case you missed it.
Anyway, my least favorite thing is having drawers in the kitchen, when I’d really like drawers in the bathroom. I mean, I love having places for the silverware, but we have 4 drawers in the kitchen, filled with junk. Who really needs 4 junk drawers? Nobody does.
The bathroom is a disaster. My jewelry rarely makes it back onto the rack, the toilet paper rarely makes it into its drawers, and stuff in the cupboard ALWAYS falls out.
The countertops never stay clean. I could spill one teensy, weensy drop of coffee and it would stain. And don’t even get me started on someone’s grenadine rings.
It has all the potential, just none of the execution. But don’t worry, the Dollar Tree, Fantastik! cleaner, and I will become BFFs this weekend. I promise.
Did I mention we haven’t had sheets on the bed in who knows how long because they have sand all over them?

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