Five Things on a Saturday

I got a great workout in today. I love running more than anything else; but I should probably start branching out on my cardiovascular endeavors and cross train a little.
Taking Chris shopping, even for household stuff, is not as fun as just going by myself. I love having him with me, but after about 5 mins, he’s done. Love the guy, but I’ll run errands by myself. (Although we did buy a few ingredients for our end of summer/Labor Day surprise!)
San Diego has the best weather. It was fabulous today. Be jealous, I know you want to.
Mmm… my favorite comfort foods: pasta, and lots of it. I could really go for some mac and cheese, but the lasagna I had for dinner will definitely suffice.
And drumroll please…..
We made these:

Graham Cracker + marshmallow + chocolate = HEAVEN
It was the perfect way to end our night and hope that summer never ends, well, I guess here it doesn’t end until January, then there’s winter until March, and we’re back at summer again. Hope you had a great Saturday. Go make s’mores.

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