I’m Curious For You, Caught My Attention

I have this, recently developed, obsession with Katy Perry.
Maybe, it is because she is on the cover of InStyle magazine, but I really think she is the cutest, most fun thing ever. She makes me want to smack bubblegum, eat Mother’s Circus Animal cookies, drink lemonade, wear pink lipgloss, use sugary sweet perfume, and dance around to pop music.

That dress = phenomenal. I know you can only see part of it, but I would love to have it.
(By the way, I am sitting in my satin-y pink robe, pajamas, and slippers).

And if not cute enough, I love the pink hair. (And my girl stays well hydrated!) Not everyone can pull it off, and I always loved Gwen Stefani’s hot pink, but I really love this lavendery-pink. It is adorable. No, I won’t be dying my hair pink BUT, I will be listening to “Teenage Dream,” “Last Friday Night,” and “I Kissed a Girl” on repeat.

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