Sunshine Saturday

I’m excited that my hair is finally growing and will soon (okay maybe by my birthday or shortly thereafter) look like hers. Oh, and I’m hoping to win myself some tickets to her concert.

Recipe available from link as well.
Fall = pumpkin everything.
I bought a new pumpkin candle.
I am holding out for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I’m looking for pumpkin flavored coffee.
Mmm, that pumpkin and cream cheese pie looks divine.

I love the look of all those mirrors together.
I want to do this in my apartment.
Chris doesn’t understand mirrors that you don’t use to look at yourself in.

Flare jeans.
My absolute fave!
Much more flattering than skinny jeans, on me at least.
I have the pair on the left in dark denim and black.
I’m excited to bust them out.

This song.
I’m just like my mom.
We hold our purses the same.
We look the same.
We walk the same.
We like the same things.


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