Radio Station? Crustacean? Eustachian?

So I think I have one of these three things (or a combination of the three):
1. Ear infection
2. Sinus infection
3. Common cold
Why do I think this?
Well, for starters, I feel as what I imagine a cat with a hairball must feel like. Something is stuck in my throat. And whatever it is, does not come up. I also don’t cough anything up (gross, I apologize).
Second, it is all in my ears and my throat. When I have allergies that is what is worse too. But I took my meds, and most of my sinuses feel dry.
Third, well, I’m convinced I have a very small eustachian tube, because, my ears ALWAYS feel plugged. Even when I get them irrigated by the doctor, I have one day of clarity and then I’m backed up.
I’m having some tea, and will be heading to bed after my shower, in hopes of knocking this one out.

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