Salt N Pepa’s Here And We’re In Effect

Actually, only my new friend “Salty” is here.
He’s going to help get rid of my itchy throat.
He’s kind of yummy, kind of nauseating.
He’ll make you bloat, and make your potato chips taste good.
He’s white, can be from the sea, and draws water to him like a machine.
He’s my new best friend.

He says “hey girl hey!”
Anyway, I’m kind of sick. Emphasis on “kind of”. I don’t get sick, like ever, or I am in complete and utter denial. My only problem is my throat itches like crazy and my ears are full and icky.
Now, this is a typical day for me in allergy land, but since I’m sick, its especially bad.
It ruins everything. If you’re gonna be sick, don’t you want all out, feel crappy, look crappy stay home on the couch and watch bad tv all day? Yeah, me too.
Oh well. Salty and I are heating things up in the hot tub (him, not me) and we’ll see how he likes it when it becomes a jacuzzi.
Second, I am not caught up on “Parenthood.”
I’m not watching tonight’s but I finally watched last week’s episode.
And if you didn’t know that I have a major crush on Adam Braverman due to his normal antics, check this out:

“Malibu’s Most Wanted,” anyone?
Pretty Fly for a White Guy?
I think so.
Happy Tuesday.

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