Products I Can Not Live Without

I’m not even going to call these beauty must-haves. These are the things that keep me looking and feeling like a normal person each and everyday. I’m somewhat picky and generally only uses these… I’ve found some others that are okay, but none have the tried and true effect that these products do.

I have acne. Although, looking at my face you probably wouldn’t see it. Why is that? Because I wash my face, everyday, with this. I’ve had issues with it since I was like 9, so I’m not one to skip washing. Even though this comes in a three step system, I usually just buy the face wash. The toner and lotion don’t really matter for my face; just the wash. And it is pretty affordable to comparable products based on its size.
Yes, I know it is drying, so I do moisturize my face to make up for it. Occasionally, when my face is really dry, I use Cetaphil, but not that often.

I have long hair. That’s wavy and tangly. I know that’s not a word. My grandmother used to buy this, and my mom started using it on my sister and I when we were little. I’ve tried others, and this is so light weight, and I think it really has kept my hair from getting too damaged. I buy the giant bottle and it lasts FOREVER. I bought some yesterday, and I really can’t remember when I bought the last bottle.

Even though I am afraid of getting cancer from the aluminum in anti-perspirant, I have to use this one. I sweat a lot when I work out, and this is the only thing that keeps me smelling like a lady. Its the only one that works. I tried Toms of Maine, when I was trying to give up on the aluminum, but they gave me a rash, which is kind of weird since it is an all natural product.

Other than the Aquaphor lip balm that I use at night, this is the only chapstick that touches my lips. My mom has always used it, and its the only one I use. I like the original, but they have a new lime flavored/scented one that I really like. I keep one on my nightstand, one in my desk, and two or three in my purse; you never know when you might need some.

I have super dry skin on my feet, and I live in San Diego, so I wear sandals a lot. My doctor told me this was the best. And it definitely is. It doesn’t have a scent, and I can even feel the moisturizing action (I have some on now). I use it twice a day, and it is the best.
These are really my only must haves.
I like Neutrogena and Almay make up, but I buy whatever I feel like.
I like Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves spray for my hair; when I feel like doing it.
Dove used to have the best heat protectant spray, but they don’t make it anymore, or at least I haven’t seen it.
Shampoo wise I like to switch it up. Right now its Aussie, waiting in line is Dove. I like Garnier as well as Herbal Essences; it all depends on my mood.
When it comes to spending more, I like Redken All Soft.
That’s all.
I’m a pretty basic and simple girl.

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