One Of Those Days

Some of today is not even worth a rant.
I’m going for a promotion; technically.
It might actually save my job.
Because I could be laid off.
I could get this new job.
Or I could keep my current job.
I’m not nervous, although I think I should be.
I might even be overly confident.
Which is crazy, because I’ve had some “flubs” in my current position, that depending on who interviews me, could automatically think, “no thanks.”
Maybe I’m not nervous because I haven’t turned in my application?
Yet, I feel weird about it.
I’d love the promotion; I’m sure I am fully capable of the challenge. I guess I just wonder: what if it isn’t right for me and I don’t realize it until I’ve been doing it for awhile?
I hate to be a quitter.
In some aspects of my life I live by the motto: “Too blessed to be stressed.” – that would be for work.
In others, my motto is: “Get there or die trying.” – that would be exercise, weight loss, healthy eating, etc.
Anyway, I’m feeling kind of indifferent towards things right now.
I don’t think I like this feeling.

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