I Forgot to Make a Title

I have an interview for a promotional position tomorrow. I’m only somewhat nervous. I have to take some kind of test beforehand, so hopefully that goes over well. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I didn’t get it, and I’d be happy if I did. We shall see what happens.
In other news, it has been super cold here in San Diego at night and in the morning. As much as I love wearing pajamas and slippers, I do not like to freeze on my way to work. I left Maryland for a reason. I remember all the layers, flannels under my work clothes; sweaters and fleece; my wool coat; ear warmers; gloves, snow boots, and a number of other things.
My friend told me that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has Red Velvet Hot Cocoa. I’m pretty excited about that. I love anything red velvet (and pumpkin and carrot). I think I’ll be having one this weekend.
Speaking of weekend, a 3-day weekend is just what the doctor ordered. Chris and I could really use some time to organize some stuff, clean, work out, and overall spend together. Maybe hot cocoa and reading?? Its supposed to rain this weekend. Which is so abnormal for San Diego.
Anyhow, I’m about to watch the CMAs.
I love Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood.

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