The Only One

I think I am the only one that didn’t partake in seeing Breaking Dawn Pt 1, even my mom went out with my cousins, my sister, and their friends. I wish I had been with them to go. Chris said he’d go with me, if I really wanted him to, but I won’t put him through that. Even though, maybe I should make him, be a good boyfriend and all.
We used to have this restaurant here, Spicy Pickle, and they had the best pickles, ever. They were so yummy, spicy, and delicious. They closed awhile back. I bought some sour garlic pickles at the grocery store, they don’t really compare, but are really good as well. And no, I’m not pregnant, I have always LOVED pickles. My mom and I used to eat “chips and cheese” (tortilla chips with melted cheese) and pickles as snacks and/or dinner. Like mother like daughter.
I am so thankful that Thanksgiving is almost here. My family is moving our dinner to Saturday, since I won’t be going to visit until Friday. But, my best friend aka my sister, will be working all weekend. Super lame, but I’ll spend time with Momma Benz and Poppa Benz. I can’t wait.
Have a great weekend.

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