Today is the MOST Important Day of the Year

Today is my 25th Birthday.
I feel kind of old, but I had a great birthday weekend/day so far.
On Saturday Chris and I went to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. We had such a fun time, the lines weren’t too long, and the weather was absolutely amazing. We went on all our favorite rides, ate yummy food, and overall had a great Saturday. Thanks to the best boyfriend ever for the best birthday gift ever.
Then today I took the day off work and did whatever I wanted to do. I went to the gym, and since it has been 4 weeks since I started my workout/eating program I’ll let you in on the results.
I’ve lost about 8lbs. I’ve lost 5 inches in my waist and 4 inches in my hips. I’ve gone down almost a pants size, and I’m pretty happy with all my clothes fitting comfortably again. I’m starting to look pretty muscular, which is awesome. So far, my birthday has been great. Here’s to being 25.
And here’s 1 of 3, yes only 3, photos I took at Disneyland.


It is Official

I have no life. My days consist of this:
6:40 AM: Get up, drink coffee, watch news, get ready, pack lunch, etc.
7:20 AM: Leave for work.
7:45 AM: Arrive at work, eat breakfast.
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Work.
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Lunch/Walk my heart out and then eat at my desk after 1
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Work.
5:00 PM: Leave work.
5: 30/6:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Gym. Gym. Gym.
8:30 PM: Dinner.
9:00 PM: Shower, get ready for bed.
10:00 PM: Watch TV, go to bed.
My coworkers think its weird that I don’t:
– Watch more TV/do more after work (like the gym isn’t enough).
– That I live off water and coffee, and sometimes tea. (Giving up Diet Coke is hard, trust me.)
– Eat more than veggies, fruit, oatmeal and greek yogurt.
I know those aren’t that many things that I don’t do, but here’s what I do that they find strange:
– Run 3.1 miles 4 – 6 times a week.
– Exercise like a mad man.
– Go to church every Sunday.
– Listen to country music.
– That I have “stranger danger” radar.
Happy Wednesday

Conversations in Our Home

If you’ve ever met Chris and me, you know we are opinionated and “talkers”. We both talk a lot. It works well for us as a couple because we can talk to each other all the time, about all kinds of crazy nonsense, but also about super important and difficult subjects. Yesterday we had one of those long talks about a subject that we both find immensely troubling. I have always felt this way, and although I probably have not always made it known on this blog, it is something that I have strong feelings about. My examples might not make much sense, and they might not be the best comparisons, but I assume you’ll be able to get my drift.
To begin, Chris and I both feel that people lack morals and values. Of course we are all going to have different morals and values based upon how we were raised, where we were raised, and what we find most important. We refer to the fact that this lack of morals and values has created a lack of respect, compassion, consideration, and common sense.
Respect – People have truly lost respect for others. Whether this be younger people and adults who have authority or authority and those below them. The opinions and lifestyle choices of others are degraded, mocked, and most of all, treated as if the other person is always wrong. I don’t think, although I could be wrong, that even as near as 30 years ago, this was prevalent. Rebellious nature was supposed to be a way to be different, not to be disrespectful of others.
Compassion – I can’t walk a mile in your shoes, but if you are upset, grieving, or just having a mediocre kind of day, I should empathize with you. I know what that is like, and I should have enough respect for you to at a minimum ask if I can do anything for you. You do have the right to say no, but I should at least ask.
Consideration – This falls with respect, but be considerate of others in all aspects. If someone has lost a child or a loved one, be sensitive to how they might be feeling. It isn’t right to go mocking or teasing in a scenario, when your neighbor is experiencing the same thing.
Common sense – Don’t let your daughters who are 13 dress like they are 25. Don’t let your children out on their own without supervision. Don’t encourage playing with knives, fire, etc. Teach proper safety tips. Express the respect that woman should receive and that a man should give. Set a good example for your children, and those around them.
Our main example in this was, as everyone is talking about, Tim Tebow. Yes, I don’t think he is the greatest quarterback to play the game, but does that make him a bad person? Absolutely not. If he so chooses to speak on abstinence and waiting until marriage to become sexually active, is there anything wrong with that? Is he any less of a man or a person for that choice? No, he is not. He respects his mother, and women around him. Is it so wrong to be a kind, considerate, respectful person, like him? Would you prefer your son to grow up like him or Tommy Lee?

I’m Almost 25 And…

I have an obsession with Taylor Swift.
I’ve read people say she looks like a drowned rat, and that she’s the least attractive person they’ve ever seen. People say she can’t sing or write music.
Obviously these people have not seen the latest issue of Vogue magazine.
She looks absolutely stunning.

All photos courtesy of Vogue
And my favorite videos:

Reading List

Even though it is getting kind of late on a Friday night, and I have to be up early to take Christopher to work and go to the gym, I have the strongest urge to make a large pot of coffee (Vanilla Nut flavored beans sweetened stevia to be exact) and curl up and read this:

I love J. D. Salinger. His short stories and of course, “The Catcher in the Rye” is only my favorite book of all time (“To Kill A Mockingbird” and the “Harry Potter” books tie for second). Iv’e even been contemplating, many years from now, when I have children, if I have girls to name them Franny and Zooey. Zooey, I love, however, with Franny I am not keen on naming a child Frances or Francine. Anyway, I probably won’t be having the coffee or reading that tonight, but I suggest you go read all Mr. Salinger has to offer. Even if you read “Catcher” in high school, and didn’t like it, I will choose to not degrade you or look down upon you, but suggest to try the short stories. Just pick one, you don’t have to read them all. Try and enjoy it. I remember reading them in high school and loving them.

If its Not Forever, If Its Just Tonight

A long time ago, back when Chris and I first met, he told me to listen to this song by Kings of Leon: “Sex on Fire.” I did and IMMEDIATELY loved it. It has remained a favorite since then. I, however, am a country girl at heart. One day, probably a year after I heard the Kings of Leon version, I picked up Sugarland’s “Live on the Inside” CD. And on that CD would be a cover of “Sex on Fire” done by Sugarland, obviously. Let me tell you, it is the BEST REMAKE OF A SONG EVER. It is slightly twangy, and the piano is amazing. I’m a sucker for piano, and I just love it. Jennifer Nettles has such an amazing and raw voice for the song, that it sounds so great. So, for your listening pleasure:
In other news, I’ve ran 9.3 miles this week and it feels amazing. I’ve been plugging along and although Monday and Tuesday were easier runs, I just keep going, and then I sprint to the finish. It feels great. All of it has been under 30 mins and 30 seconds (Monday was under 30 mins).

Peacefully Resting

I’m not sure when you consider something luck, as I’ve always considered it, or, if it can change and become unfortunate circumstances. I always thought it was normal to have six grandparents. I found it odd the first time I heard that most kids only have four. I was very confused by it. Then I came to realize, or maybe my mom told me, that I was so lucky and loved to have six.
I’m only 25, and I’m so jealous when I hear of my coworker who is my mother’s age that still has her grandmother around. I’d give anything, and I make it know to Chris about his brother, to have my grandmother back. I was only 12 when she died, and thankfully the rest of my grandparents were able to see much more of my life.
My Grandpa Harvey died yesterday. It was rather sudden, although he had been sick. I had talked to my mom Monday and she had said that he wasn’t doing better, and that he wasn’t doing worse, so we were optimistic. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack, and when he was resuscitated, and put on the machines, my mom, aunt, and uncle made the tough decision of pulling the plug. He didn’t last more than 15 minutes or so.
I’m sad for many reasons. I’m sad for my loss and my family’s loss. I’m sad because I don’t have any grandparents left. I’m sad because I’m not as close as I could have or should have been to him. I know he loved me and I know he knew I loved him, but it is still a sad thing for all of us. I’m even more sad that I can not find a single picture of me with him. I can’t find one that we’re both even in with other people. I’m glad when I was visiting my family at Christmas I was able to see him. I didn’t envision it to be my last time.
One of my other grandparents died in June. I enjoy running, and it is a good release for me, and I have found that I do my best running when I’m first initially feeling grief.
Remember to spend time with your loved ones and always tell them you love them, no matter what.