It Feels So Good

Normally, when I strength train my legs, I am sore for days. Last night I strength trained my legs (a little more exercises, with the same weights) and I’m not sore today. It is such an odd feeling to not feel any soreness. My arms and chest are so sore today from Tuesday’s workout though. I guess I need to make sure I pay enough attention to them. I’ve been focusing on doing a moderate intensity cardiovascular workout followed by a more intense strength training workout to build up some muscle in hopes of toning up and losing some pounds that way. I know that muscle is the key to losing weight, being toned, and looking good. I was really hoping to have a fourth day in a row gym day today, but it would be time to do back and abs, and I’m to sore to get the most benefit out of the lifting. Friday night gym session it is. Which, I really don’t mind, because Friday nights tend to be less busy.
I’ve also survived my portion control and only eating when I’m truly hungry lifestyle change pretty well. I’ve been keeping track online here: MyFitnessPal and really like that I can track food, exercise, and water. It shows me if I eat too much of one thing and not enough of another. Plus, I put all I plan on eating in there when I get to work in the AM and add throughout the day, that way I always know where I’m at, and maybe when I plan to be hungry and I’m not.
However, with all that being said, I feel as though I am becoming too obsessed. I can not stop thinking about calories in vs. calories out; did I run enough; did I lift enough; when will I workout next. I just want my head to be fully into it, and I hope that I don’t become too obsessed and stressed out. So far things have been really good, and I’m only like a week in, but I’m happy with my dedication. I just hope I don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal: to be healthy and happy and confident.
Anyway, Happy Thursday!

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