Yes, Freaking, Yes!

I lost 2 lbs. in my crazy, insane healthy eating and working out 5 times a week plan. I could have jumped an whooped in the gym, but figured that was somewhat uncalled for. I’m so excited and proud that there is no way that I won’t continue with it. I feel as though I have the metabolism of a 60 year old woman, so this just feels so good to me. I’ve been really conscious of what I’m eating and keeping track of my food intake. It feels good.
So tonight we’re having carne asada tacos, which is a slightly higher calorie food than my normal dinner. I put in work at the gym tonight for it, but Chris says to me, “only eat a little because you’ve don so well.” He’s been really good about supporting me. Two thumbs up. Anyway, I decided since we had a whole head of romaine and didn’t need that much for sandwiches later in the week I’d have a giant taco salad. Well, the romaine was gross, I’m not sure what possessed me to buy it at the store. Anyway, scratch that. So what do I do instead? I cut up an entire cucumber and top it with salsa and carne asada, with a side of tortilla chips. I’d rather give up the tortillas for the tacos and have tortilla chips, any day.
So, I am one happy little girl. Smiles all around.

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