Peacefully Resting

I’m not sure when you consider something luck, as I’ve always considered it, or, if it can change and become unfortunate circumstances. I always thought it was normal to have six grandparents. I found it odd the first time I heard that most kids only have four. I was very confused by it. Then I came to realize, or maybe my mom told me, that I was so lucky and loved to have six.
I’m only 25, and I’m so jealous when I hear of my coworker who is my mother’s age that still has her grandmother around. I’d give anything, and I make it know to Chris about his brother, to have my grandmother back. I was only 12 when she died, and thankfully the rest of my grandparents were able to see much more of my life.
My Grandpa Harvey died yesterday. It was rather sudden, although he had been sick. I had talked to my mom Monday and she had said that he wasn’t doing better, and that he wasn’t doing worse, so we were optimistic. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack, and when he was resuscitated, and put on the machines, my mom, aunt, and uncle made the tough decision of pulling the plug. He didn’t last more than 15 minutes or so.
I’m sad for many reasons. I’m sad for my loss and my family’s loss. I’m sad because I don’t have any grandparents left. I’m sad because I’m not as close as I could have or should have been to him. I know he loved me and I know he knew I loved him, but it is still a sad thing for all of us. I’m even more sad that I can not find a single picture of me with him. I can’t find one that we’re both even in with other people. I’m glad when I was visiting my family at Christmas I was able to see him. I didn’t envision it to be my last time.
One of my other grandparents died in June. I enjoy running, and it is a good release for me, and I have found that I do my best running when I’m first initially feeling grief.
Remember to spend time with your loved ones and always tell them you love them, no matter what.

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