If its Not Forever, If Its Just Tonight

A long time ago, back when Chris and I first met, he told me to listen to this song by Kings of Leon: “Sex on Fire.” I did and IMMEDIATELY loved it. It has remained a favorite since then. I, however, am a country girl at heart. One day, probably a year after I heard the Kings of Leon version, I picked up Sugarland’s “Live on the Inside” CD. And on that CD would be a cover of “Sex on Fire” done by Sugarland, obviously. Let me tell you, it is the BEST REMAKE OF A SONG EVER. It is slightly twangy, and the piano is amazing. I’m a sucker for piano, and I just love it. Jennifer Nettles has such an amazing and raw voice for the song, that it sounds so great. So, for your listening pleasure:
In other news, I’ve ran 9.3 miles this week and it feels amazing. I’ve been plugging along and although Monday and Tuesday were easier runs, I just keep going, and then I sprint to the finish. It feels great. All of it has been under 30 mins and 30 seconds (Monday was under 30 mins).

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