Who’s That Girl?

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but one of my current favorite TV shows is:
“New Girl”
I’ve always loved Zooey Deschanel and even love her more after this show.
Some of my friends have said it’s dumb.
I always laugh, always.
I never turn it off thinking, that wasn’t funny or that wasn’t good (except for when Justin Long was in it, those I didn’t like so much).

First of all, she’s “adorkable” as one of the tag lines says.
I love that she’s an elementary school teacher, who is quirky and unique, and I think the storyline with the three male roommates is hysterical.

Not to mention, she puts her foot in her mouth, ALMOST as much as I do.
She’s easy to relate too.
I think we can all see a little bit of Jess in each of us.

Her style is great too.
Cute, feminine clothes, without looking like a skank.
The bright colors and youthful vibe make, at least me, wish I dressed like her.
A favorite Jessism as I will be calling them:
Jess: “I have to go out tonight, because I’m feeling pretty twirly.”
Schmidt: “Twirly? Is that like horny?”
Jess: “I’ve got the dirty twirlies, Schmidty!”
And is this not the most catchy song you’ve ever heard?
It puts a smile on my face, even on the extra hard day/weeks I’ve had.

The Day I Bought Cobalt Blue Pants

If you don’t follow my blog, or I don’t mention it enough, or you don’t care, I’ve lost somewhere between 20-25 pounds. I don’t really recall where I was to begin with, but I know where I am now. I was wearing approximately a 12-14 size pants and a large to extra large shirts. I’m am excited to announce that I wear a size 8 pants (and that’s not like the last time I lost weight where I wore about a 10 and had some size 8’s, I have yet to try on an 8 that doesn’t fit) and I wear a medium to a large in shirts. I have pretty big boobs and arms, but not disproportionately.
My parents were visiting and as usual, my mom and I went shopping (and no I didn’t get very much, my mom couldn’t even force me to buy stuff) and I was torn on these blue pants. I’ve wanted skinny jeans in different colors (red and cobalt to begin). These pants are slim cut dress pants in cobalt. My mom said since I wasn’t sure about them, that she’d buy them for me. I ended up loving them. I wish you could see more of them, but when I try to stand up my camera it wobbles and makes it blurry. I love cobalt blue and I think they are unique enough, without being over the top.

pants: NY&Co/shirt: JCPENNEY/cami: Nordstrom Rack/shoes(that you can’t see): Target/necklace: gift
I don’t have anything more exciting to say other than the fact that I really could have used more than the one day off that I took to spend with my mom and dad.
P.S: I’m not one for the need to be a fashion blogger, so I am sorry that my pictures, picture quality, and amount of pictures are lacking. Maybe I’ll get fancy one day.

Lucky Number 7

I did it.
I ran a total of 7 miles today.
It wasn’t consecutive though, but that means I could, if I really wanted to.
I ran 5 miles, did my weight lifting, and went back to run 2 more. I could have probably even ran more, but I didn’t want to hurt myself.
I’m pretty excited.

It’s Finally the Weekend

I’ve needed the weekend. Work has been crazy and stressful.
And my favorite two people are coming for a visit.
Yay for visits from my parents.

At my graduation.

The reason I have such ugly feet.

Pre-Danielle. She’s in this photo too.

Again, Pre-Danielle. She might be in this photo too.

Way back when it was just me.
Happy Weekend All!

My Public Service Announcement

At the gym, this song came on my Ipod and I chose not to change it. Some would have passed it up for something more upbeat, but I kept it. I was, luckily, at the end of my work out, but I wanted to bask in a moment to remember my loved ones who have passed, especially my grandparents.
My sister and I are lucky little girls (although we are not so little anymore). We grew up with six grandparents. My mom’s parents had remarried before either of us were born. I thought that six grandparents was the norm and could not figure out why other kids only had four.
I want you to remember, no matter what, to love them and hug them. Let them tell you boring stories, ask them questions about their lives, and when they want to spend time with you, do it. You never know when they will be gone. Someone I know is always blowing of his grandparents, and not to sound like a geek, but I could ring his neck, because I’d do anything to spend 1 more day, heck, 1 more hour with each of my grandparents.
Grandpa Harvey: October 10, 1933 – January 14, 2012

Grandpa Harvey is my mom’s dad. I don’t know as much about him as I do my other grandparents, but I can give you some information. He had 3 sisters, and was adopted with one of his sisters as a kid. He grew up in North Dakota, lived on a farm, married my grandma, and then my aunt, mom, and uncle were born. They moved to California and the rest is history.

Grandma “Mo”: September 21, 1921 – June 20, 2011

Grandma Mo, or Eleanor as others would call her, was my dad’s mom. She was a nurse in the army, that’s how she met my grandfather, during World War II. Her and my grandfather were married for 62 years when he died, and they only spent 10 days apart. She tried to teach me how to crochet, she helped foster our imagination, and made the best cookies. No peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies compare to hers.
Grandma Marlene: December 3, 1937 – August 2, 2010

Grandma Marlene is my mom’s step-mom. She married my grandpa Harvey WAY before I was born. Lucky for her (and for me) her children didn’t have children until after my sister and I were born, and I was the first girl. Most of her jewelry, although sometimes cheesy, costume jewelry, was passed to me before she died (by her) and I knew she’d have gems when I went to pick out what was hers that I wanted. I wear a ring that was hers almost everyday. She always bought our Christmas dresses for us and who wouldn’t love a grandma that had to have a second bedroom so she had an extra closet!

Grandpa Gerry: September 23, 1918 – February 25, 2008

Grandpa Gerry is my dad’s dad. I can’t tell you the number of life lessons he taught us. He was in the army, during World War II. As you may recall, he met my grandma after he was injured. He fostered a love of tomatoes and ketchup in his granddaughters (lucky man, only had granddaughters). I’m sure for my dad and aunt and uncle it was a different story, but when things went wrong or when you did something wrong, it was always advice. Not a scolding, but help for making things better next time. His words of wisdom, helped with some of my weakest moments in life.
Grandpa Fred: March 21, 1930 – March 16, 2007

Grandpa Fred was my mom’s step-dad. He was a Coquille Indian, and said he fought a grizzly bear. I have no proof, but it makes for a great story. He was an outdoorsman, loved camping, loved his grandchildren, and his dogs. Abbey and Dillon were his pride and joy, especially after my grandma died. When Abbey died his heart probably broke in two. His stories were always far fetched and outlandish, but you never knew if they were true or not.

And finally…
Grandma Pat: May 16, 1933 – April 23, 1999

Grandma Pat. The one we lost way too soon and without warning. The one I couldn’t say goodbye to. My mom’s mom. The one that I miss the most. The one that my heart still breaks thinking about. All that she missed. I can remember the last few conversations she and I had. I can remember the gut wrenching feeling when my dad told me she had died. The pastor at the church where I got confirmed said that I was the cookie cutter version of my mom and my grandma. I’m sure she would have never admitted it, but I was her favorite.

I can’t find the video, but I remember a commercial where a grandchild was supposed to pick up, or go see their grandmother, and they didn’t because they were doing drugs. I’ve ALWAYS every time I’ve seen been angry and upset. Especially since it came out not long after my grandma Pat died. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

So, remember to love your grandparents, no matter what. No matter how crazy they drive you, no matter how busy you are, and no matter how much you don’t want to. Spend time with them, as much as you can. Remember, some of us don’t have that time anymore.

And because I’m not always sad, mostly just nostalgic, I’ve been digging this song, a lot:

Things I’m Really in the Mood For… And Don’t Have

Top # of Things I am in the Mood for (to eat) and Don’t Have:
1. Eggs
2. Big, gigantic full of veggies salads
3. Grapes
4. Cottage cheese
5. Pizza
I know that is so random, and I’m really not a food person, okay, that’s a lie. I am a food person, but I don’t normally blog about food. I don’t cook, Chris does all the cooking. I’m thinking my next grocery trip will have to include some of these things. I’m not one to normally get cravings either, I get binges, but not cravings.
P.S. I don’t even really like cottage cheese.