Gerry & El

The two most inspiring people, in my life, were my dad’s parents.
Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Mo.
They grew in a completely different world from my other grandparents, and always told us about their lives.
Grandpa Gerry was born in Chicago, had 8 brothers and sisters, and grew up during the Great Depression. They didn’t have lots of money, and many times ate white bread and ketchup. Not my idea of a high class meal.

Some time during the 1930s or 40s he joined the Army.
During World War II he was stationed in Japan, and as much as I’d love to know more about his stories from there, I don’t. His lips were sealed shut about that part of his life. All I ever saw were the photos he had and the Japanese flag that hung in their spare room. I think based on what we know about war, we can imagine how he ended up with that flag. He was injured and while in the hospital, he met up with the most amazing woman I have ever known, my Grandma Mo.

She was a nurse in the Army.
Let’s go back, she was born in Los Angeles, and her mother died when she was 9. Her life was much easier than my grandfathers growing up, but her family was not rich by any standard.
They were married in 1946 and only spent 10 days apart the entire 62 years they were married.
Every day for 62 years they spent it together. Maybe, occasionally, one would leave the house without the other, but for all intents and purposes, they were together.

Why do they inspire me so much?
They loved each other no matter what. They might get irritated or upset, but they always loved each other. I imagine they never went to bed angry. My grandparents put everyone else’s needs before their own. One day a week when I was in elementary school and junior high we went over to their house for breakfast. Once a week, usually, they would make us homemade “tv” dinners that we reheated. They went to every school event, sporting event, piano recital, etc.
They were usually smiling, and they didn’t like it if you weren’t.
They always said as long as we did our best, nothing else mattered.
When my life was flipped upside down by something I am unwilling to discuss here (SORRY) my grandfather always told me it would be okay, and that I needed to love that person, and that that person loved me. He was right.
Usually, all they wanted was a phone call or a hug.
I hope I gave them enough.

They were strong Christians, Lutherans to be exact, to their dying breaths.
They went to church every Sunday (had their own part of a pew) and many members after my grandfather had passed and my grandmother was unable to attend, wouldn’t sit there.
They did their morning and/or nightly devotions and prayed every night.
It is hard to describe why else they inspire me, but I am always inspired by their love for one another, their love for each other, and their love for Christ.
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3 thoughts on “Gerry & El

  1. Found you on the blog hop! This is a lovely story… it's always cool to read about dedicated couples who stuck it out together 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment. The blog hop is such a great way for us to branch out and meet new bloggers and also be inspired.
    I love their story and am so happy that I know it. 🙂 And I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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