My Guilty Pleasures in Life

I’m not quite sure why I feel like being a list-y kind of blog night, but nothing eventful happened today other than that I am in more pain, and I did a light, yoga weight loss workout.  
I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow (light, easy, and let my body get back up to speed).  
Without further ado, my guilty pleasures.  
I can thank my father for this love.  
I remember as a child going to Lumberjack (it was like a more small town kind of Lowe’s or Home Depot) with him, or the baseball card shop, and eating Raisinets.
I like to imagine since they are “fruit” they are healthy.  
Calorie wise, they do have less calories and fat than regular candy.  
I try not to make them a habit.  
It’s been perfected at Starbucks.  
Or Peet’s, but usually I get it at Starbucks.  
When I was a student in college, once a month, I would get one of these and a pastry for my “treat” and “cheat” day.  So delicious.  Now that I’m a cheap skate, after the gym, if I need a pick me up (since there is a Starbucks right there) I get a Blonde roast coffee w/ a pump of sugar free vanilla syrup, and add my own milk or creamer.  
Much cheaper, same flavor.  
I used to make my mom make this for all my birthdays.
I’m not sure why this stopped, I wish it wasn’t such a calorie bomb and time waster to cook.  
I love french toast!
It is my vacation breakfast of choice.
In fact, I remember last time that we went to Ocean City, I had it almost every morning we went out to breakfast.
Banana french toast is delicious.
Especially with a coconut syrup.  
Trust me.
Probably one of my favorite movies.
It is my go-to for when I need a pick me up.
“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”
I might still look up to “Woods COMMA Elle” for all adult advice.
No, I am not 80, but this show is hysterical.
Chris loves it too. 
I even have 3 seasons on DVD.  
I’m going to have to get the rest.  
RIP Bea, Rue, and Estelle.  Stay strong Betty!
MUSIC – 90’s Pop Radio on Pandora
My sister got me hooked.  
I’m also a fan of the 90’s Alternative Radio.
90’s is where its at. 
Happy Wednesday

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