Fly Over States

First of all, I love that song by Jason Aldean.  
Although, I got the CD as a gift when it first came out and it was called: “Fly Over Town,” not that that random tidbit of information was worthwhile at all.  
Second, I’m in the airport blogging which makes me a real bonafide blogger, I think.
If only I felt like taking pictures of my stack of magazines, my ginormous bottle of water, and my peppermint tea.  But, now you know what I’m doing.  
Third, my flight is delayed to wait for connecting passengers because this is the last flight back to Sandy Eggo.  Seriously, you’re gonna make us board and sit on the plane for an hour?  Shame on you.  
Anyway, I thought I’d share some tidbits of my life at the moment.
If you like a quiet airport for napping or concentrating, I suggest flying on Saturday afternoons.  
It is DEAD in here.  Very peaceful.  
Enjoy your memorial day.  Drink beer or sangria, eat burgers or hot dogs, lots of watermelon, and enjoy time with your loved ones.  

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