Friday’s Letters

It’s letter time.  
Dear Me, Myself, and I:  Get it together with this blog thing.  I sit all day at work with idea after idea and then when I come home, I’ve got nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Write it down!  I write everything else down, why I don’t write down blog inspiration gets me.  
Dear Closet:  Ugh, help a sista out and make my clothes more exciting.  Oh, and remind me to take photos more than once a week.  I wore this on Tuesday, I think.  
cardigan:  Old Navy / tank:  Caslon via Nordstrom Rack / jeans: Old Navy / scarf: Forever 21 / sandals:  Marshall’s
Dear Pistol Annies:  Thank you for being the theme song singers to my life. 
Dear Abs of Steel:  Please come out from hiding under your winter blanket.  Bathing suit season is here.  I know you’re there, you’re the only thing that hasn’t caught up.  Let’s make that happen.  
Dear coconut cream coffee:  Thanks for helping me start my mornings right.  Actually, you might be my favorite part of the day.  Or a close second to my gym time.  
Dear Luke Bryan:  Stay hot.  (I don’t really need to elaborate on this, but I have the biggest crush on him – curses for him being married).  

By the way, “Drunk On You” is my current favorite song.  
Dear Life (let’s be a little more real ’round here):  Let’s get everything together.  How’s that?

Happy Weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. I have to remember to take outfit pictures too which is very stressful! Hope you had a great weekend! Stopping by from Friday's Letters.


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