Linkin’ Up:

Dear Summer:  Thanks for coming.  Sunshine, warm weather, and fresh air with little to no humidity, I like.  

Dear July:  Thanks for having some amazing things.
– 4th of July:  One of my favorite holidays.  I love wearing red, white, and blue; I’m proud to be an American; and it just SCREAMS summer.  
– Vacation:  I need a week off, of nothing but relaxing and catching some rays.  
– My half birthday:  Because I live in “Alice in Wonderland,” and celebrate everyday as my “un”birthday.  That also means I’m on the side of 25 that is closer to 26 than 24, yikes.   
Dear Oven in my Apartment:  Please DO NOT catch on fire again.  It would be greatly appreciated.  
Dear dad and mom:  Thanks for the cute stuff from NY and the magazines so I don’t have to buy them since I’m cheap.  
Dear Blackberry:  I’m sorry that everyone is upgrading to an Iphone.  You and I will still be best buds, until December, that is.  
Dear Little Big Town:  Thank you for recording “Pontoon” it will be my summer jam.  As I’m sure it will be everyone else’s.  Now if I could only find myself a boat…  Also, I’ve always wanted Kimberly’s hair.  Just sayin’.  Seriously, I can’t get enough of it.  
Dear Magic Mike:  I really want to see you.  I need a BFF down here ASAP to go with me.  
Happy Weekend, y’all!

One thought on “Letters

  1. I keep wondering if it would be weird for me to go to Magic Mike with my husband. I'm thinking he would probably hate it haha! I hope your oven doesn't catch on fire!!!!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

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