Why Being a 25 year old girl in 2012 is embarrassing…

Here are FIVE reasons why I feel embarrassed every time I have youthful flashbacks (and I’ve been having them a lot lately, quarter life crisis anyone?)
Backstreet Boys

Hands down my favorite.  
I know the words to ALL their songs.  
I had their photos (particularly, Nick’s, second from right) plastered all over my bedroom walls.
I saw them in concert in junior high and about died.  
I still have the ugly t-shirt to prove it.  
98 Degrees

Um, seriously?  What are they wearing?  
I saw them before they were super famous and really liked them.  
And then Nick married Jessica; and they had a silly reality show.  Drew won Dancing with the Stars.  Jeff and Justin, who are they?  
Since I was obsessed with BSB, it was not in my nature to be into them.  
My sister was though, it was a battle.  
I think I won the battle, we saw BSB and not ‘N Sync.
But Justin, call me and ditch Jessica, because, you are hot and funny.
I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, that I liked them and had their CD, or that you probably don’t even know who they are.  They’re from England.  Somehow only the Spice Girls managed to make it big here.  
“Summer Girls” is still one of my favorite summer jams (I’m partially kidding, partially not).  
RIP Rich Cronin, that is actually sad.
I might, or might not have listened to some of these guys’ songs while writing this post.  

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