My Idol

I love Miranda Lambert.  I wouldn’t say I have a girl crush on her, but I think she is a great role model for us ladies for many reasons. 

1. She seems to be tough as nails, but with a girliness that we all can relate to. 

2. She isn’t stick thin, and doesn’t want to be.

3. She seems happy with herself and her life.

Miranda Lambert

4. She’s a country singer, from Texas.

My all time favorite song is probably, “Gunpowder and Lead.” 

I do love, “The House That Built Me.” 

I just think that she projects a vulnerable, yet unapologetic version of a lady.  I know that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but it makes sense to me. 

Here’s her latest music video, in case you haven’t seen it. 

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My Love Don’t Cost A Thing

But if it did, and I had unlimited cash, these are my fantasy vacations: 

First, my dream vacation, would be to Hawaii, again to stay at the Grand Wailea in Maui.  wailea2wailea1

Imagine waking up in that bed.  I know the room isn’t even that big, but do you see what I see out that window?  Yes, the ocean. 


And I don’t know what a water elevator is, but it looks amazing.

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Second, if you didn’t know, I have an unhealthy love of Disneyland.  I haven’t been there in 6 months, and I am itching to go back.  I just love it.  When I was little I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, but there’s something even better. 


From L-R, T-B

Pirates of the Caribbean Suite; Fairy Tale Suite; Big Thunder Suite; Adventureland Suite.
These are amazing.  They are so nice, and gigantic.  They are decorated so beautifully as well.  I would LOVE to stay in any of them, but I think that the Fairy Tale Suite would make the most sense.  And if none of those suit your fancy, how about this one:


The Mickey Mouse penthouse.  I love Mickey Mouse, so even though I just said the Fairy Tale Suite would be right up my alley, I’m going to change my answer and pick this one.  It is so fun, with sketches, etc.  And really, Disneyland is all about Mickey. 

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I know that these are only two vacations, but they are the only two places I ever want to go, even though I’ve already been (although I’ve never stayed in those accommodations).  I’m not gonna lie, I’m a very simple girl.  I don’t know of specific places that are exciting to the average person that I’d like to go, but here is my travel bucket list for reasons other than its beautiful:

1.  Poland and the areas surrounding it to see the history of the concentration camps, etc.  (I’m a history weirdo, please ignore the sadness in this).
2.  Greece and Italy. 
3.  Paris and London.
4.  Spain.
5.  Africa to go on safari.

So, this is my official fundraiser:  Send me some $$$ so I can make all this happen.
Happy Sunday!

London – 2012

I love the summer Olympics.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the winter Olympics has its perks, but I love the summer ones.  I did gymnastics as a kid and have always been obsessed with that portion of the Olympics.  I also had a huge crush on these guys:

Sean Townsend

Paul and Morgan Hamm (or is it Morgan and Paul?)

Blaine Wilson

So at 13, this is why I was watching men’s gymnastics.  Boy crazy, much?

I also, did gymnastics when these ladies were popular.

I mean, that hair, those swishy track suits, and the scrunchies, what’s not to love?
I remember watching Keri Strugg injure herself, and my sister loved Dominique Moceanu.  They were all so impressive.

I do, now, as an adult, love swimming.  And not just for Michael Phelps, in fact, I don’ really like him.  He’s only okay.  I prefer watching this video, it is hilarious:

Enjoy the Olympics, and I hope you laughed as much as I did at the United States’ uniforms.  I think the berets were a little bit ridiculous, actually.  My sister said that cowboy hats would have been more American.

Friday’s Letters

Dear Blackberry,
I kind of wish I didn’t feel so emotionally attached to you.  I try to keep you in my purse, in my desk, but I can’t help but wonder.



Dear Men at the Gym,
Please don’t watch me workout.  Whether you’re actually staring or you’re looking at me in the mirror.  It is creepy and I am not a fan, at all.  Also, you look really “tool-y” and “douche-y” fist bumping, high fiving, and congratulating each other on lifting that weight once.

Dear Stomach Cramps when I run,
Really?  We’re going there?  I’m an athlete (you know how mom’s always call you special, my mom calls me an athlete), I know how to hydrate and fuel properly, we shouldn’t be having these problems.

Dear Laundry,
We need to work on a system where you just do yourself without me being involved.



Dear People who say statements with sexual connotations,
I am not a slut, nor am I slutty.  I do not watch porn, nor have I experienced Christian’s “Red Room of Pain.”  I don’t always understand your subtle hints or sexual jokes.  I’m rather naïve, and I’d like to keep it that way.  Also, I don’t care how, when, where, why, or how often you’re getting it.  Things like that make me want to throw up in my mouth, more than a little.



Dear Truth or Dare,
Do people still play you?  I kind of think it would be fun.

Dear Spice Girls Pandora,
Thanks for being my new BFF.

Dear Me,
You are amazing.  You are awesome.  You are beautiful.  You are strong.  You can do anything you put your mind to, and then some.  You will not fail, as long as you try, and do your best.  Your happiness is chosen by you, not by anyone else.



Happy Letter Day!

If You Really Knew Me…


you would know that I don’t like to hug, anyone.  And that the scariest moment of my life might have been when I was cornered by a homeless man who tried to hug me. 

you would know that I chug water like it is going out of style.  Right now I’m starting to panic because I don’t have any water next to me. 

you would know that I put my foot in my mouth on a daily basis.  I wouldn’t say I speak without thinking, but sometimes my thinking is slower than my speech. 

you would know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies. 

If you really knew me…


you would know that I talk way too much.  I have no trouble keeping my end of a conversation going. 

you would know that I cry when I feel any kind of anger or sadness, it’s what I do. 

you would know that my sister and my mom are my best friends. 

you would know that I’d give ANYTHING to have a southern drawl.  Serious. 

you would know that I HATE the word epic.  But I have no problem using words like:  awesome  totally  and sweet.

you would know that I want to be a teacher, a mom, and a wife more than anything in this whole world.

you would know that I listen to Ace of Base, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls on a daily basis, trying not to sing because that’s generally frowned upon at work and at the gym. 

you would know that I am growing my hair out so I can donate it.


you would know that I make really awkward faces when I talk or am thinking; that I tap my toes and dance around while waiting for machines at the gym; and that I do both sometimes when I’m antsy. (Caught on camera).

you would know that I’ve pretty much retired my blow dryer and my straightener. 

you would know that I hate being late, so I’m ALWAYS way too early. 

you would know that I sit on my feet in any kind of seat, car, at work, at home. 

Thanks for getting to me know today!

Hit or Miss

I’m kind of a simple man, I mean girl, I had to put in my Lynyrd Skynyrd pun. 

Reasons why today may or may not be a good day.

1.  My sweater is really wrinkly.  Have I mentioned I HATE ironing.  I’m not very good at it.  I know you say how can I not be good at it, but I’m really not. 

2.  I stayed up late and my eyes are puffy.  I don’t like to wear a lot of make up, but I don’t think there is enough make up in the world to fix the puffiness.  Fail.

3.  My coffee was weak.  I don’t need super strong coffee, but I need more than brown colored water.  It needs some pep, or what’s the point? 


4.  It is Wednesday.  So, since it is the middle of week, I’m almost done. 

5.  I don’t think I have any craziness waiting for me at work.  I have a lot to do, but nothing crazy. 

6.  I will, however, punch the next person in the face at work who asks me a stupid question.  They say there are no stupid questions, but that’s not true.  There are. 

7.  I’d appreciate it, if people would stop telling me secrets.  I might be trustworthy, but I don’t like to know things that others don’t.  It stresses me out. 

My thoughts for Wednesday.

Let’s make sure today’s a hit, and not a miss. 

Things Lindsay Just Doesn’t Understand

Remember this song:

Well, here’s the deal.  Here is a list of things that this LINDSAY just doesn’t understand:

1.  Not washing your hair everyday.  I’ve tried to join the club, and it bugs me.  My hair gets too tangled and ratty for me to not wash it.  It is too long and wavy for that.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as low maintenance as it comes to my hair, BUT I draw the line at not washing it everyday.  Plus, when I workout, I sweat like a 500 lb man, it wouldn’t be pretty.

2.  I saw this pin:


And thought, why decaf coffee?  I love coffee, but a key perk is the caffeine.  And non-alcoholic beer?  If I’m gonna drink beer, it better have alcohol in it, because let’s be honest, who actually likes the taste of beer by itself?  We drink it for the buzz.

3.  Mean wearing skinny jeans and v-neck shirts.  Seriously?  I live in those and you should not be my twin when we go out on a date.  Now if you have on jeans,and so do I, and we both have on t-shirts, then so be it, but come on, that frat boy look doesn’t fly, ever.

4.  Feather necklaces and fringe shirts and bathing suits.  Really?  I hate it.  I’m just not a fan.

5.  People who don’t drink water.  I just don’t get it.  I drink like 1.5-2 gallons a day.  How do you survive without it?

That’s all.

Happy Sunday!