One Week

I’ve had this song stuck in my head, because in one week, it will be me:
I can’t wait to lay on the beach, read, and do nothing.  
I’ve been creating my perfect, beach summer playlist.  
Right now it includes these songs:
“Toes” – Zac Brown Band
“Pontoon” – Little Big Town
“Bubble Toes” – Jack Johnson
“Drink in My Hand” – Eric Church
“Springsteen” – Eric Church
“Beer in Mexico” – Kenny Chesney
“A Buncha Girls – Frankie Ballard
“One More Drinkin’ Song” – Jerrod Niemman
“Drunk On You” – Luke Bryan
“Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” – Luke Bryan
“Five O’Clock Somewhere” – Alan Jackson
“Summer Nights” – Rascal Flatts
“5-1-5-0” – Dierks Bentley
“My Kinda Party” – Jason Aldean
“Water” – Brad Paisley
“Fast Cars and Freedom” – Rascal Flatts
“Two Pina Coladas” – Garth Brooks
“Something Like That” – Tim McGraw
“That Song in My Head” – Julianne Hough
So, there’s a serious theme going on here…  
Moving on.  
This post is kind of all over the place.
I’m pretty obsessed with Katy Perry.
I’ve posted about her before here.
Anyway, part of me wants to go see her movie, but I’m kind of embarrassed.  
I mean, she’s so fun and adorable, right?
And finally, I might go back and get this dress, if I can find something to wear under it because in person you can see my undergarments, and that’s not the kinda girl I am.  
I know its kinda plain, but I think it is really comfortable.  
And I don’t wear a lot of yellow, so it is kind of different for me.  
Happy Sunday!!

2 thoughts on “One Week

  1. love the dress 🙂 & I will admit I think the Katy Perry movie looks pretty interesting as well… but I don't think the hubby will be taking me to it anytime soon!

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