Manic Monday

Today was super busy and super slow, so enjoy the weekend update.

Blog Hopping for “Weekend Update”

As always, my weekend was pretty relaxed and low key.
I spent Friday night beginning this movie:
I love Ryan Gosling.
I’d take him ANY DAY over ANYONE.
But I fell asleep. ย 
I ran 6 miles, not consecutively, but I ran it.
I lifted, heavy, for my back. ย 
Then I did some shopping.
I finally found shorts that I like.

Yes, I am in a TJ Maxx dressing room trying on my Old Navy shorts that I had bought the day before. ย And please ignore my weird face, apparently I make weird faces all the time.

These actually fit me pretty well. ย I just wish they would have had the green pair in my size. ย They were all only $6.99, what a steal!

I also started packing for my vacation.
I like to make lists for packing, although I don’t ALWAYS follow them.
They tend to look like this:

This is an old list, but you get the idea.
ย Color coding is always more helpful.

And these are my suitcases (although these pictures are also old, sorry, my camera battery is dead).

I’m mostly done packing, I just have some laundry that I need to finish.
Its nice to pack bathing suits and dresses and sandals.
It is much more fun than winter clothes. ย 


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