The Vacation Where I Only Took 5 Pictures

I am not officially back from my vacation, I am still on the east  coast, but I am no longer at the beach.  I’m really bad at taking pictures while I’m on vacation.  Especially since most of my time was spent on the beach.  I literally spent 30 hours lounging in the sun.  Even though I am a southern California girl, I am going to come back super tan.  Here are some pictures (a few from my camera, a couple from my blackberry, it is what it is). 


My first day in Maryland was spent at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.
We went to the Orioles game, it was really hot and humid, and yes, I fell asleep. 
I’m really good at falling asleep anywhere at anytime, staying asleep however, I am not talented at.
We left early, assuming that with them being up in the 8th inning, we could leave and go to the ocean.
If I used the word “epic” and I don’t, I would describe the 13 inning game like that, the Orioles did win though. 


First day on the beach.
I wore my hair like that everyday on the beach.  I rotated through two pairs of sunglasses and 5 bathing suits. 
My mom thinks these are too big for my face, so I sent her this pic:


She dislikes these even more.  Apparently these make me look mean. 


On day 2 we got chased off the beach by a storm.
That happened twice, on the second day and the last day. 
It did cut into my beach napping time, but allowed me to do some indoor napping, which I hate.


Here was my view 5 hours of the day.
Heaven if you ask me.


This is the view from the side of our condo’s deck.
We didn’t have to walk far at all. 

Here’s the run down of my Ocean City trip and the must do (and when we did them).

Sun:  beach day, BJ’s on the Water for dinner, Party Block and FishTales for bar/club.
Mon: : beach day, Phillip’s Seafood buffet, no bar/club for me (the boys went to Mackey’s – I’ve been there, it is fun)
Tues: beach day, Shenanigans, the Boardwalk, and Dumser’s Ice Cream (I highly recommend the peanut butter fudge milkshake)
Weds: beach day, The Salty Dog Saloon (I don’t recommend this – case in point: the bartender told me I couldn’t have a water refill ever, and he never refilled it and our waitress SUCKED.  “We’d like more refills please.”  “Refills of what?” Our drinks, you idiot!
Thurs: beach day, CrabBag for dinner, I don’t do crabs and the power went out. 


If the food takes me more time to open it and get the meat than it does to eat it, I am not a fan.

Fri: beach day, Dumsers for dinner, Seacrets for bar/club where I drank too much and danced like a fool. 

That’s what I did, and unfortunately today I have been nursing a hangover.
I plan on watching “Young Adult” tonight, unless I can find something on TV.
Happy Weekend!


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