If You Really Knew Me…


you would know that I don’t like to hug, anyone.  And that the scariest moment of my life might have been when I was cornered by a homeless man who tried to hug me. 

you would know that I chug water like it is going out of style.  Right now I’m starting to panic because I don’t have any water next to me. 

you would know that I put my foot in my mouth on a daily basis.  I wouldn’t say I speak without thinking, but sometimes my thinking is slower than my speech. 

you would know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies. 

If you really knew me…


you would know that I talk way too much.  I have no trouble keeping my end of a conversation going. 

you would know that I cry when I feel any kind of anger or sadness, it’s what I do. 

you would know that my sister and my mom are my best friends. 

you would know that I’d give ANYTHING to have a southern drawl.  Serious. 

you would know that I HATE the word epic.  But I have no problem using words like:  awesome  totally  and sweet.

you would know that I want to be a teacher, a mom, and a wife more than anything in this whole world.

you would know that I listen to Ace of Base, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls on a daily basis, trying not to sing because that’s generally frowned upon at work and at the gym. 

you would know that I am growing my hair out so I can donate it.


you would know that I make really awkward faces when I talk or am thinking; that I tap my toes and dance around while waiting for machines at the gym; and that I do both sometimes when I’m antsy. (Caught on camera).

you would know that I’ve pretty much retired my blow dryer and my straightener. 

you would know that I hate being late, so I’m ALWAYS way too early. 

you would know that I sit on my feet in any kind of seat, car, at work, at home. 

Thanks for getting to me know today!


2 thoughts on “If You Really Knew Me…

  1. tt says:

    Lindsay…I just wanted to share a couple of things with you…we are so related.
    When I went to get my first apartment…on my own…I used a Southern drawl…why? Who knows…it just sort of happened. All the little chatter the landlord and I had I spoke “Southern”….whenever he came to get the rent (which was $53 per month by the way) the south came out. Clair de Lune is also my favorite…as are most Debussy works. It is also the first full classical piece I learned on the piano. I played it for dad and mom until I was probably in my forties…and I was unable to complete it. Dad had always wanted me to play it at his funeral…I just couldn’t bring myself to learn it again. The last time I completed it for him was very special to both of them. I wish I could remember exactly when that happened…but alas, no luck. As to your hugging? I know that you haven’t been a “hugger” for a LONG time…but makes me want to hug you more! Just know that no matter HOW you perceive yourself …you are a beautiful…wonderful niece and I love you to pieces!

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