London – 2012

I love the summer Olympics.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the winter Olympics has its perks, but I love the summer ones.  I did gymnastics as a kid and have always been obsessed with that portion of the Olympics.  I also had a huge crush on these guys:

Sean Townsend

Paul and Morgan Hamm (or is it Morgan and Paul?)

Blaine Wilson

So at 13, this is why I was watching men’s gymnastics.  Boy crazy, much?

I also, did gymnastics when these ladies were popular.

I mean, that hair, those swishy track suits, and the scrunchies, what’s not to love?
I remember watching Keri Strugg injure herself, and my sister loved Dominique Moceanu.  They were all so impressive.

I do, now, as an adult, love swimming.  And not just for Michael Phelps, in fact, I don’ really like him.  He’s only okay.  I prefer watching this video, it is hilarious:

Enjoy the Olympics, and I hope you laughed as much as I did at the United States’ uniforms.  I think the berets were a little bit ridiculous, actually.  My sister said that cowboy hats would have been more American.


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