My Idol

I love Miranda Lambert.  I wouldn’t say I have a girl crush on her, but I think she is a great role model for us ladies for many reasons. 

1. She seems to be tough as nails, but with a girliness that we all can relate to. 

2. She isn’t stick thin, and doesn’t want to be.

3. She seems happy with herself and her life.

Miranda Lambert

4. She’s a country singer, from Texas.

My all time favorite song is probably, “Gunpowder and Lead.” 

I do love, “The House That Built Me.” 

I just think that she projects a vulnerable, yet unapologetic version of a lady.  I know that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but it makes sense to me. 

Here’s her latest music video, in case you haven’t seen it. 

All images are from and GAC got them from different locations. 


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