Friday’s Letters

friday's letters


Linking up and finally getting back into the blogosphere. 

Dear Car:  You make me happy.  It is nice to finally have my own ride, that is just mine.

Dear San Diego Weather:  I love this heat wave, at first I though I didn’t like it, but since I don’t like wearing pants, and prefer skirts, you are working out well for me. 



Dear Late Nights and Early Mornings:  You’d think I would have learned that staying up late is a very bad plan, particularly when I have to get up early. 

Dear Allergies:  Go away!  I’ve had more of an itchy throat as of late than I’d care for.  I take meds for you, and usually you’re under control.  However, right around bed time you like to make your presence known.  Stop that, please. 



Dear Spice Girls:  Thank you for rekindling my love affair.  I won’t admit that I’ve been listening to you non stop and moved “Spice World” all the way to the top on my Netflix queue. 

Dear Queen:  You might be my other favorite guilty pleasure after the Spice Girls.  RIP Freddie Mercury.



Hope you all have a great weekend!


One thought on “Friday’s Letters

  1. Never fear of having Queen be a guilty pleasure – they’re the greatest! Whenever I’m down, I just listen to “Somebody to Love,” and it’s all good again!

    Stopping by from the friday letter link up! Glad to have found you!! 🙂 have a great weekend!!

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