Las Cartas de Viernes

Dear Boy (I guess you’re a man but I think boy sounds better) Who Makes Me Smile:  Thank you!  You’re the best.  Plain and simple, the best.  So, thank you.

Dear New Apartment:  I’m looking forward to moving in.  I can not wait.  November 1st can not be here soon enough. 

Dear Weather:  I didn’t think I’d be ready for the cool down, but I am.  The only thing I wish would change is my cold feet.  And by that I don’t mean changing my mind at the altar, my feet are always ice cold in the fall and winter, always.  

Dear Twitter:  I don’t really understand you, I don’t get hash tags, and I kind of wish people would stop using “tweet” as a verb.  It is dumb.

Dear cold:  thank you for finally vacating my body.  I do not want to be sick any longer. 

Dear mind:  Figure yourself out, are you going to be a body builder or a marathon runner?  You can’t be both, or you’d need to eat 18,000 calories, and that ain’t gonna happen. 


This is me, in case you forgot who I am.


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