Friday’s Letters and Fashion FAIL

So, I was supposed to have a post of Friday’s Letters and Friday’s Fashion.  It totally sucks because I was really excited about them.  Oh well, better luck next week/this week, right?

(Join Them)

Anyway, we’ll talk about fashion and my weekend, shall we?

I never used to like skinny jeans.  I’ve always been a lot hipp-y and butt-y, and I’ve always found them so unflattering on my body.  And then I lost 50 pounds (as seen in this post) and I’ve become a convert.  Well, I probably became a convert about 25 pounds ago.


(Please ignore the mess)

But see, they are finally flattering on me.  I wear the heck out of those jeans (thank you Old Navy for $9.95 jeans, almost as good as the two pairs I purchased for $2.48 each).

However, I’ve found myself wanting to go back to my old faithfuls, boot cuts.  I tried on the original bootcut at American Eagle, and fell in love.  I, however, am on a strict budget until after my trip to Las Vegas next month, so they are a no go for now.

I’ve also been pining clothes like a mad woman.  It is also fall, and although that usually means that San Diego is still warm (which it has been) we’ve had some wet and drizzly days recently, which have been nice.  So, leggings, tights, and boots have been in my weekly rotation:


Speaking of my weekend, I did this:


Hiking from Lake Poway to Mt. Woodson.  It was just hot enough, but not too hot.  It was lots of fun.  We saw this:


Yes, that is a rock walrus.

Not that he reads this, but these pictures are courtesy of the boy who makes me smile who went with me.  I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

I also purchased this:



It is pretty good.  I’m a big fan of the song with Luke Bryan and Eric Church.

I had a pretty good weekend, although lots of it was spent catching up on TV (after running 7 miles at the gym, NBD) and cleaning my apartment.

Have a great week folks!!!!


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