I am the WORST blogger in the world.

Here is my weekend update, but I don’t have photos, which basically means that I suck.  My apologies to you.  I don’t have pictures because I didn’t take any.  Okay, that might be a lie because I probably have a couple.  Just not relating to what I should have photos of.


I got off work early, because I was going somewhere (more to come where the pictures should be but aren’t).

I got my hurr did:


Taylor Swift ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Prior to that, I got this in a text message:


My little sister got engaged!  I’m so excited for her and Marc-y poo.  More details to come as things come together.

So, I got my hair cut because I was bored and I figured that since I was going to Las Vegas for the weekend I’d spice it up.  This is where I fail as a blogger. I  took one photo, not of myself, that is not at all exciting.

We left SD around 7 and got to Vegas at midnight.  Thankfully I took about a 3 hour nap in the car, so I was set.  You know, Vegas doesn’t sleep so we went out after checking into our hotel.  Note:  those drinks in the plastic cups that can be as big as a house are as full of sugar as you would imagine, and contain very little alcohol.  They are a rip off, except for from some place that I forget the name of (if I remember I’ll hook you up) where they are 75% alcohol.  Anyway, I’m not a gambler, some gambling was done and we crawled into bed around 5 AM (say what normally I get up at 6 every day).

Saturday, we all tried to sleep in but our new neighbors were so annoying and loud, breakfast was eaten (at noon) and we spent our whole day in our casino that I saw no sunlight on Saturday.  If you’ve never experienced this, it really messes you up.  Dick’s Last Resort for dinner, which is always fun.  I received a lovely hat that read:  “My legs are just like 7-11, they’re always open.”  Yes walking from one casino to the next with that received some stares, but all in good fun.  Another night out of gambling and consuming alcohol (bring your own, its cheaper and much more enjoyable).

Sunday, I woke up and wasn’t hung-over, which never happens.  Score one for me.   I also  ate the MOST amazing sandwich at Hard Rock:  pulled pork with chipotle bbq sauce, fried onion strings, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese.  AMAZING.  Then we spent some time in the shark reef and headed home.

Got home around 1130, went straight to sleep, and slept until 10 this morning, something I never do.  Needless to say, I am 25 going on 85.  I had an awesome weekend and wish I had the photos to prove it.

Happy Short Week and Be Thankful!


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