Confessions… – a date which will live in in famy

It’s been awhile since I’ve linked up, but here we go.

It’s also December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, remember your history lessons, please.


  • I confess that sometimes I tell myself I like or dislike something just because I want to be different.
  • I confess that I’m not a fan of my job and hope that I’ll be able to find something else and move on soon.
  • I confess that I claim to like healthy eating (okay, I do like healthy eating) BUT 99% of the time I want to eat junk.
  • I confess that giving up soda (Diet Coke) was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, its been almost 2 years and I still crave that sucker like its going out of style.  I swear its worse than heroin.
  • I confess that I am definitely don’t do my laundry until I run out of something, so please tell me if I start to smell.
  • I confess that I love Christmas time and can’t wait for all the real Christmas festivities to begin, they start next week.
  • I confess that I really want to hold hands and walk around looking at Christmas light drinking a salted caramel hot chocolate, but it never gets cold enough here for that to sound really fun.
  • I confess that I only get the daily recommended amount of sleep 2 – 3 nights a week, no wonder I’m addicted to caffeine.
  • I confess that I have other confessions that I just don’t know if I can share on the blog even though it would probably make me feel better.

Go link up.  Everyone needs to confess a little bit.


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